The main motive of creating an ecommerce website is to facilitate the customers who want to do shopping sitting in the cozy environment of their house. These ecommerce websites have turned the unfortunate arrival of COVID – 19 into a fortunate event of bringing popularity and wealth to them. This does not happen overnight. You have to go through a series of steps so that in life you can achieve something bigger than your salary. It can only be done by becoming an entrepreneur and making your own website. The only way to boost your website selling capacity is to adopt good and proven marketing strategies.

Beneficial Advices for your ecommerce website

In this regard, we have listed below in detail 14 best pieces of advice or tips for your ecommerce website. Note that these tips are acknowledged and taken in consideration by the famous websites that offer ecommerce development services. So let us have a look on what we have for you in this post:

Retain your loyal customers: people spend most of their valuable time in acquiring attention of your new customers and formulating ways to attract them thereby increasing sales. They usually forget those who have already made a purchase. So it is advised to spend more energy on customer retention by offering them more quality oriented products and services.

According to a survey conducted by HBSWK, it was tabulated that if you increase customer retention ratio to 5%, it is likely to increase your sales from 25% to 95%. This means that those who have purchased a single item from you will purchase more things as well due to your service quality or easy checkout process. So shift your focus and make your life easy.

Make your website mobile friendly: most people prefer to buy from ecommerce websites or online stores by using their mobile phone rather than computers and laptops. So if you want your website trades to increase, it is advised to you to make your ecommerce website or store mobile friendly.

Focus mainly on personalization: When you visit any  website, you would prefer to look for the things of your interest rather than viewing irrelevant content. This is all about getting customer insights and checking what your customer seeks from your store. By personalization of  the product search, it will allow the customer to find everything from a single page rather than moving from one page to another.

Offer customize services: it is not possible to offer all the services that a customer seeks. However, you can offer to be flexible about the rules implemented. You  can offer little bit changes and customize the product according to the needs of the customer. This will build the trust of the customer on your site and ultimately will help you in increasing the website trades.

Add user generated content: user generated content is somehow similar to adding the customer reviews or feedback. This is basically the response of the consumer of the product who shares experience of using it and speaks positively about it. So it will help you in increasing the sales of your product.

Make buying experience for customers: there is no need to bind people to a single platform to make purchases. You can add multiple channels for shopping at your site. For example, you can make your instagram or facebook accounts for the people who are social media lovers. The main motive is to enhance sales and make sure that the website ratings are improved. So open different doors for your customers and let them approach you.

Send emails to engage your customers:  Emails attend to engage your customers more than any other marketing technique. So it is advised to send more and more relevant emails. This should be done to make your customers well aware about the things that are  happening or are likely to happen in your site. This email strategy can be strengthened by making newsletters and art abandonment emails to show your customer that you are actively  reviewing their purchase process.

Show attractive popup notifications: popup notifications sometimes annoy the customer and in order to save themselves from it customers subscribe to it. Therefore make such popup notifications that help your customer to stay on your website rather than leave it within in an instant. This can be done when you notify them things like any current discount offer or how many people have purchased the product you are currently viewing

Add giveaways: giveaways can be offered to the customers by asking them to enter in a contest and abide by the rules mentioned in it. If you want good customer engagement on your product or your  website, you will have to add a star product of your store in it. This will motivate the people to participate actively and they will ask others to visit your  store and follow the rules so that the latter might win.

Add Chatbots: it  is in human nature to enquire about a product before buying it. Actually it is good for sellers because they get to know the preferences of the customers. Adding chatbots or live chats will help you to get an insight of the  mind of your customer. You can create great trust in your customers by actively responding to them on the questions they ask.

Reducing unaccomplished shopping carts: your customer is very unpredictable. After filling the shopping cart with many products, it is possible he might leave it abandoned or  proceed further for order placement. You can reduce this cart abandonment rate by making sure that your prices are fair enough and you offer a qualitative product. Make sure that your store has an easy checkout process and no shipping cost. Then only you will be able to increase your website’s trades

Use tactics of upselling:  it is not an easy task to upsell. You will have to do extra effort other than the effort you have made to motivate the customer to make a purchase. In upselling, you can add relevant items to the item that is purchased from your website. This will help in selling your dormant product and on the  other hand it will increase your sales for the day.

Offer  different payment methods:  it is advised to you not to  stick yourself to a single payment method  like PayPal. Discover other methods like Amazon pay. Apple pay etc that are used by your  customers so that they do not find an excuse to abort their decision of making a purchase form your website

Offer free shipping:  it is advised to offer free shipping of the product  because free services tend  to attract your  customers. However you can cover your  shipping cost by adding the extra cost in your product’s price.