Booking Tips to Get Confirmed Train Tickets

Nowadays, trains have become the most preferred mode of transport by the public. This is due to the fact that they are not only more affordable than other options, but more suitable and hassle-free too. On the other hand, getting a confirmed ticket is also the biggest task unless you reserve the ticket months prior to the date of your actual travel. 

Since Tatkal tickets are available within a limit and their demand remains very high, booking train tickets a day before the trip becomes all the tougher. 

All the same, if you need a confirmed train ticket, here are a few of the best tips that you must follow:

These Booking Tips Will Help You Get a Confirmed Train Ticket 

People look for train ticket booking tips to get a confirmed ticket online. But, getting confirmed tickets is not so easy because of the several passengers reserving their tickets beforehand. With some effective tips, you can reserve a confirmed ticket online as well as passenger ticket booking counters.

Using Master List 

Use of the master list to get information as per the number of passengers will be helpful. Save essential passenger details in the master list on the website of IRCTC. You may also save passenger information in the My Profile segment of the IRCTC account. So, with only a single click your work is done and time saved.

Choose OTP-free Payment Gateway 

Internet banking is regarded as the fastest payment alternative during train ticket booking in IRCTC. But, if need grows, passengers can also go with payment choices like UPI, and e-wallet for which OTP is not needed. This will make your booking faster and save time.

High-speed Internet 

Having high-speed internet is more significant than anything else during ticket booking. If the website takes more time to load and errors take place all through booking due to slow-speed internet, there is a chance that payment may decline. In such conditions, tickets are not reserved.

Stay Well Prepared 

Being well prepared is the key to effective ticket booking. Passengers or travelers are suggested to get ready before ticket booking on the site. Thus, they are not distracted by the rules to follow.

Login in Advance 

It is forever better to log in 1 or 2 minutes ahead of the opening of the tatkal quota. Also, choose the station code and berth in advance. Whenever the quota opens, quickly elect the passengers’ names from the master list and then move straight to the payment options.

Keep Your Bank Details Handy 

Passengers who are booking online tickets should keep all the bank information all set for payment. It is suggested to use online banking or an OTP-less payment alternative. 

Login Into 2 Browsers with Different IDs 

Don’t log in on 2 different browsers with a similar ID if you wish to improve the possibilities of getting a confirmed ticket. If in a situation where one browser doesn’t work, you can try to book tickets with the second browser.

Look for Trains Having More Quota 

This is another significant step towards booking a confirmed ticket. Passengers can reserve tickets on the train that has the maximum allocation of tatkal tickets.
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Booking Train Tickets in a Faster Way 

Indian Railways has introduced a few new ticket booking rules for passengers. Users who are registered and have not booked tickets for a very long time would have to go through a verification procedure. The verification procedure will involve e-mail Id and mobile number verification. 

The official app of IRCTC and its website are the best alternatives for a faster train ticket booking. When booking the ticket, ensure keeping your registered mobile in an area where signal quality is good. Postponement to getting OTP can take additional time and thus stop you from reserving your ticket quickly.

Final Words 

Train ticket booking requires 120 days beforehand from the date of the trip. Nevertheless, on some special trains and intercity day express trains, the advance booking period may differ. 

Planning your trip is essential before buying the tickets. The Trainman provides you with all sorts of inquiry solutions, involving train timetable, availability of seats, tariff or fare inquiry, and PNR status prediction, to plan your trip in the best feasible way.