Bollywood Actress List Who Faced Significant Health Issues

Off-screen actors and actresses are also ordinary people who can also face the same health complications. Some of them have been very vocal about their health problems so that normal masses can learn to be courageous by seeking their examples. They also talked about how they had to battle and overcome pretty serious health problems as well. The top Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone, spoke her heart out when she talked about depression. She even cried in front of the camera and left everybody emotional. Other actresses who have also suffered some or the other health issues include-

1. Sara Ali Khan- This Kedarnath actress talked about her overweight which was the reason for her hormonal imbalance. She told the masses that she still struggles with this issue and that the only cure for this is a consistent, constant, determined, and focused lifestyle where she cannot eat junk food and has to be involved in some form of physical exercise. She suffers from PCOS and has to work out every day to keep her hormone levels remain stable. 

2. Mahima Chaudhry- In a recent interview with Anupam Kher, Mahima Chaudhry, who is known for films like Pardes, Lajja, and Daag-The Fire, shared that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She broke down in front of the camera, sharing that she had to turn down many roles because of this. 

3. Kirron Kher- This veteran actor, Kirron Kher, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which is a cancer of plasma cells. This is an uncommon type of cancer wherein plasma cells build up in the bone marrow and form tumors in the bones. The actress is seen working again post her cancer announcement. 

4. Manisha Koirala- In 2012, this actress was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Three years later, she was declared cancer-free after a long fight. She went to the United States for her treatment and her story has been an inspiring one. She managed to give strength to many other cancer patients. Once she was declared cancer-free, she even released her memoir called Healed: How Cancer Gave Me A New Life.

5. Bhagyashree- The actresses revealed that during the shooting of the television show Laut Aao Trisha, she was unable to move her right hand, and it took her a while to recover. She also told everybody that the doctors had suggested surgery, but she self-healed. 

6. Ileana D’cruz- This Bollywood actress reported that she suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, depression, and anxiety. She talked about this issue in 2017, and she informed everybody that her mood would change anytime and she would go from being happy to a state of complete depression and not knowing about the same.

7. Sneha Ullal- Sneha Ullal suffered from an autoimmune disorder which was a blood-related illness. She told the media that her body would become very weak, and she couldn’t even stand for half an hour at a stretch. 

7. Samantha Ruth Prabhu- This south heroine was diagnosed with Polymorphous Light Eruption in 2012. This skin disease occurs due to exposure to sunlight. Recently, the actress shared her picture in a hospital and spoke about her current disease, Myositis. She also mentioned that she was diagnosed with this autoimmune disease a few months back but the doctors are hopeful that she will recover soon.

To Sum It Up

Even a Bollywood actress or a south heroine is also a human at the end of the day. These people can also suffer from any mental or physical disease during the course of their lives. But when these actresses come out in the open and share their issues with the common public, they motivate people to fight their disease and not lose hope.