Body Brushing Benefits For Your Skin

The largest organ in our body is our skin, which is more often than not ignored. The body bears the brunt of all the external elements and is like a shield that protects us against the thrashes of time and weather and yet stands ignored. Although over the past few years, with the growing influence of social media and influencers, people have once again started to realize the importance of taking care of their skin, not just the skin on the face, but the body as well. Since self-care and self-love are all the hype now, it has become second nature for people to be devoted to themselves and not just others. 

People are constantly on the lookout for ways to achieve radiant and healthy-looking skin, with ‘glass skin’ being the fad these days. As awareness is on the rise and the general masses are understanding that skin can truly be an indicator of how healthy or unhealthy our body is, skincare and body care have become constants in the daily routine of a huge number of individuals. 

An effective way to take care of the skin that has been around for years is exfoliation. Exfoliation is a practice that removes the upper dead layer of the skin, thereby giving the skin a healthy and radiant glow. This becomes important since our skin sheds quite a number of cells every single day and creating new ones at the same time. Sometimes, these dead cells are not removed properly and they end up giving the skin a dull, patchy look. It can improve the texture of skin and its appearance. An added result is clogged pores which in turn results in excess sebum production and later causing acne, which is a difficult problem to deal with. 

A number of these problems can be nipped in the bud with just treating the skin right. Exfoliation has gained a lot of popularity in the past years and continues to do so due to the amazing benefits it has for skin. 

Now, anything that requires you to scrub or rub yourself with the product in question is known as physical exfoliation. There are a few different techniques of exfoliation that one can choose from but one that has become really popular due to the ease it provides is dry brushing. Dry brushing, using loofah, cleansing scrubs all fall under the category of physical exfoliation. 

What is dry brushing? If you haven’t heard of dry brushing before, there is nothing to worry. Dry brushing is an age-old technique of exfoliation where you use a brush, usually wooden, containing natural bristles that one sweeps across their body in a circular motion. As the name suggests, no product is required in dry brushing except a simple body brush. 

Why is dry brushing needed?  You may be wondering if you need dry brushing and why is it beneficial for you? Dry brushing is not just something that is healthy for the skin, it improves the overall well-being of a person since it improves blood circulation and makes you feel energized. Apart from shedding the dead skin that people carry around, dry brushing also helps reduce skin conditions like strawberry legs and ingrown hair, which can be painful if not dealt with appropriately. In an era, where appearance is almost everything, if not everything, dry brushing comes with the added advantage of giving the skin a natural radiance. Dry brushing is not just a practice, it is an experience and leap into luxury, since it gives you a spa like feel and makes your senses come to life. 

There are a host of benefits that dry brushing provides. 

  1. Exfoliation and removal of dead skin: The primary aim of exfoliation is the removal of the outer layer of dead skin that is clinging to the body unwanted. It has no business being there as it adds no value to the body and only ends up making it look dry, dull and flaky. It also helps get rid of the dirt and grime that one is carrying around and which the regular soap is incapable of doing. It is best to remove it and dry brushing is an excellent technique to do that. Another added benefit apart from this is the fact that no additional product is required for the process of dry brushing. A single brush is all that is needed and one is sorted. Moreover, inculcating dry brushing in the daily ritual also makes sure that the ingrown hair stays at bay. Apart from this, dry brushing is a great way to get rid of ‘strawberry legs’, the little tiny bumps on the legs or arms. 
  2. Improved circulation: Exfoliation is known as a great way to improve the blood circulation in the body and give a sensation of wakefulness as elaborated here Exfoliation definitely opens up the body making one feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It elevates the process of showering and makes it luxurious. Although, one needs to be careful not to over exfoliate since it can lead to abrasion and it is advisable to be cautious if one has skin conditions like eczema. 
  3. Better product absorption: When the outer layer of skin has an added layer of dead skin, it does not let products seep in properly for better absorption. Exfoliating the skin at regular intervals makes sure that the products one uses, the oils, serums, lotions and moisturizers get absorbed quickly and efficiently, leaving the skin extra smooth and hydrated. 
  4. Invigorating and energizing: The act of dry brushing not just leaves the skin hydrated, it also puts one in a good mood and is great for the holistic health and well-being. It soothes sore muscles, opening and activating them. 

Exfoliation and dry brushing are a step forward into the world of self-care. Dry brushing is a cost-effective, sustainable and effective way to incorporate to add something more meaningful to your daily routine and that too in a hassle free manner. It only requires a minute or two of your time in the shower and that is all, no extra product, no gimmicky and expensive tools. It definitely is a practice that needs to be given a chance, considering its vast ranging benefits.