Bitcoin Prime: The Top Trading Platform

In today’s world, there are various investment options available, such as cryptocurrency, stocks, real estate, and bonds. However bitcoin prime mainly focuses on providing authentic software to investors who want to invest in CFDs.

What are CFDs?

CFDs is the abbreviation for Contracts for Differences. In CFDs, you do not actually buy the asset but just speculate and guess the future value and direction of that asset, and if you are proven right then you will be able to gain profit from it. If according to your estimation and prediction the price of an asset will increase in near future, you can buy its CFDs. On the other hand, if you feel the value of the asset will fall you can sell its CFDs. Your profit and loss are the difference in price when you entered your market position and the price when you close it.

 For example, if one share of XYZ company is valued at $2, and you feel that the price will rise, you can buy 100 CFDs of that stock instead of buying stocks themselves. You won’t be needed to pay $200 for this, instead, you will have to pay a margin on those CFDs which will already be decided by the company or the broker. If the margin is 5 %, you will only pay $10 for those 100 CFDs. Now after some time if your prediction turns out to be correct, and the price of share jumps from $2 to $6, your 100 CFDs will be multiplied by 6 which will make them valued at $600. This way you would have made a profit of $400, as initially, your CFDs were for $200 but after the jump, they became worth $600. And the best part is your own actual money invested was only $10.

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Why CFDs?

 One reason that really attracts CFDs is you can invest in numerous financial markets such as forex, indices, and stocks with a very small sum of money. Since the margin that has to be paid is very low in comparison to the original price of the asset. You can make massive profits if you know where to invest at the right time. It will also be possible to gain profits in both, a rising market or a falling market. The transaction costs are also very minimal.

Why bitcoin prime?

Now that you know an amazing investment option available, you may wonder why should I invest through bitcoin prime when there is so much other software available? Even though there are, but not every software is reliable, many are just a plain scam and others don’t offer such efficient features that bitcoin prime does that too for free.

 High and up to date technology

 The software uses top-level technology to derive accurate market analysis. As CFD is all about making the most accurate prediction, the bitcoin prime app’s advanced AI will help you in that. On their app, you can see which financial asset is doing well and its historic trends too, this will help you in predicting the correct outcome and highly reduce your chances of loss. The app is constantly on the lookout for new and more advanced technology to integrate into the system that will help the app to become more efficient


 One of the main priorities for bitcoin prime is to make the whole trading process for investors easy and smooth especially for beginners who are still in the learning stage. This is why the whole registration process is quick and the whole interface is developed in a way that is easy to navigate through.


Many people back out from investing because they fear losing their money to a fraud. However, while using bitcoin prime you can completely be free of that worry because the software uses an advanced level of security protocols that protect the user’s data from being stolen.


 People say good things come with a price. Well, they are wrong, because bitcoin prime the best thing for any investor and yet it is absolutely for free. There are no registration charges or commission on any profit earned through the app. The main goal for the founders of this app is not to make money but to provide an authentic, safe and secure platform to all the investors out there.

 The bottom line

Every investment comes with the risk of loss. Even bitcoin prime is transparent about it, that there is always a chance of risk attached when investing. But if you make full use of the features provided by the app and make a well-thought-out decision on the basis of current market trends and analysis, the chances of having a loss reduce significantly.