Biem Butter Sprayer Reviews – Is Biem Butter Sprayer a Legit Product?

Do you like your food drizzled with juicy butter and want the food to be delicious?

Buyers often look to Biem butter spray reviews when they have a hard time spreading butter evenly over food and when it’s too cold and hard to spread.

The technology is usually sufficient to facilitate the execution of the task and it becomes a great tool that is offered to buyers in the United States and other regions. A stick of butter can be used as an aerosol spray to flavor food like popcorn, grease pans, or flavor bread.

This Biem Butter Sprayer is a great way to multitask and claims to be convincing to get the job done. But is the product worth it and is it legit as it sounds? All the information can be read below!

What is Biem Butter Sprayer?

Butter Sprayer Biem reviews this Butter Sprayer which is the most discussed and bought online item sold to US customers and others. The product functions as a cordless melt and butter tool that does not use propellants.

Biem Sprayer professes to be an effective sprayer and quickly melts a stick of butter in the spray in no time. Users can spray the butter from the nozzle over any food.

Biem Butter Sprayer Specification:

• Product Type: Food Butter Sprayer

• Product released: 2016-01-03 | Five years ago

• Product manufacturer: developed by Brevda inc.

• Product weight: 1.5 lb

• Product width: 2.4 inches

• Product height: 10 inches

• Recharge time: takes about 90 minutes to fully charge, so users may think, “Is the Biem Butter Sprayer legit?”

• Estimated butter spray: About 0.4 g butter / sec spray.

• Desirable stick size of butter: sticks used by the US as short and sticks of butter as long about 4 ounces.

• Product powered by the powerful rechargeable battery pack.

• Product warranty: one year warranty after purchase

Biem Butter Sprayer Advantages:

• He states that he does not use chemical or synthetic propellants, he only uses heat and air.

• Helps to drizzle butter much faster and more efficiently than using a butter knife.

• Easy to store in the fridge or in the kitchen.

• Does not overheat butter and has an automatic shut-off.

• It is a patent pending nozzle intended to limit clogging.

Cons of Biem Butter Sprayer:

• The Biem Butter Sprayer Reviews says they have to wait up to a minute to start using them.

• The product is highly appreciated compared to the task it performs.

• Proceeds to spray after user stops button.

• Customers are not impressed with the product and have low ratings.

• The battery of the item is short-lived.

Is Biem Butter Sprayer a Legit Product?

Product claims are very high, but most of them are not being honored, and the same can be seen in online customer reviews. Biēm can be a technological achievement to make some tasks more manageable, the price of the tool is more than $ 129 if purchased directly from the website.

Is Biem Butter Sprayer Legit? The spray sensor is lousy and will spray the butter on all new items if you sit on the counter. The product takes time to prepare to make the butter spray.

The Biem sprayer was not compatible and many customers were unable to return it or get a refund from the company. The battery life of the tool is short and stops working after a few uses. The company’s guarantee doesn’t work. In general, the product is promising for many, but it does not come true for many of them. Customers have thought that the product is not worth the money and that it is very expensive.

What do Biem butter spray reviews say?

Customers have given low reviews and ratings of the item after using it. The company has been selling the product for the past five years, and many different retailers have it in stock. Customers complain that they were unable to return the item or get a refund when they tried to contact the company. So the product has received mixed reviews.

Final verdict:

The bottom line of getting the Biem Butter Sprayer is a great tool, but the execution is lacking. The product is not worth the $ 129 money. The innovative idea of melting butter in a second and spreading it evenly over food just can’t be done. Biem Butter Sprayer Reviews about the product are mixed, self-explanatory.