animated bible movies for kids

Finding the most effective and popular biblical movies for kids can be easy if you just know where to search. Many parents aren’t very careful when it comes to choosing the films their kids are going to watch and enjoy. Oftentimes, parents just choose the most popular movies that they consider to be the ones their kids will enjoy and this isn’t always the most effective way to go about making an appropriate choice.

Here are some tips to use when searching through recent bible movies for kids.

  • First of all, take a look at the running time. A good rule of thumb is to try and find movies that have less running time. For example, if you watch a particular episode of bible class during morning run time, then you would probably want to avoid watching the same movie at night time or during lunch time as well. There’s just too much content on television during these times and it would be overwhelming. It’s much better to try and fit in a couple of hours of sleep in between episodes of your favorite shows.
  • When you’re watching a movie about the creation of the world and the history of mankind, it’s important that there’s plenty of clean up to be done after you’re done watching the movie. Watch some bible classes about the creation and the history of the universe and the world we live in today. Look for videos about the nativity story. This particular movie isn’t as popular as the others but it’s still worth checking out. There are several different versions of the nativity story, so make sure to choose one that you like.
  • Another great choice for the most popular animated bible movies for kids would be the movie version of the story of King David. This king is known for being extremely kind and generous. He establishes peace with the surrounding nations, and he rules over them with an iron hand. There are several different versions of the story of King David. The royal family of King David consists of a queen, several other minor royals and then King David himself.
  • If you’re a parent with a child that loves bible stories then you should definitely include Noah in your list of bible movies for kids. Noah is a great movie for families because of the great storyline and the animation. Noah is about the great flood as God was getting prepared for a great worldwide flood. Noah was ready and willing to take on the world so he went out into the ocean and rebuilt the world. The cartoon version of Noah has great lessons to teach, “do not defraud me,” and “be truthful.”
  • Another great bible story for kids that you may not have heard of but revolves around two of the main characters, Methuselah and Dinah, also known as Shechem and Nahor respectively. The movie begins with Methuselah, a young man who is very confused about his identity and what exactly he is. After some time he is able to find out that his real name is Methuselah, which he had given to his foster son, Dinah, when they were born.

Other bible movies for kids that are available are Noah With bob, Rapunzel, Little birds 2 and so many more. The most popular of the bunch is probably Little birds 2, because it involves the story of a little girl who finds a magic bird that grows to be a baby lion. The other most popular movie from Disney that is available is the newest installment of the Finding Nemo series. This movie is very entertaining and many parents have seen it, even though they may not have kids. The movie revolves around a group of children looking for a creature called the Clownfish, that has been living in the water in an underwater park. They encounter a huge fish and end up having to help him get back to land, while saving the world along the way.

So why not choose one of these movies with your kids today? If you choose any of the animated films that are available you will have learned a lot about life lessons from the film. There are no bad words in this movie and it will give you plenty of great life lessons to take away. Watch these two or three movies, and then go watch some of the other animated movies for kids that are available.


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