Best Workforce management software for the Construction industry in 2023

Construction companies are one of those industries that uses the highest number of contractors or contract workforces. Managing a contract workforce can be tricky with regular HR and labor management technologies and software. The latest workforce management software can provide several automated solutions that save time, generates real-time data, and manages resources. 

In its basic form, workforce management software can help you schedule employee shifts, track timetables, and help you simplify the payment process. On a larger scale, WFM software can simplify your business operations on a global scale. WFM software can predict your resource requirement and help you make smart business decisions.

But selecting the right workforce management software can be challenging. There are so many such tools and software available in the market. All are offering seemingly the same services at almost the same price. However, some software are offering top-notch and tailored services.

Best Workforce Management Software for 2023

eResource Scheduler is one of the best workforce management software when it comes to tracking your resources. Not only does it help you with great visualizations, but also identifies the best resources. eResource Scheduler resource forms offer a great range of filters that you can choose from qualifications, roles, skills, certificates, and many more. This is especially beneficial to construction companies as it can help you to track so many onsite laborers and contractors you hire. A color-coded heat map can alert you about over and underutilized assets or resources. And you can also view or sort them based on days, weeks, or months. Alongside units like percentage %, hours, FTE, and more. eResource Scheduler ensures that you have access to a comprehensive and automated process that focuses largely on saving time and resources to enhance the efficiency of your firm. 

Oracle is the world’s third-largest workforce management software. Its USP is the ability to track absences and record health and safety incidents. Oracle can be especially beneficial if you have a construction company that is operating on a global scale. Oracle also offers you the ability to make changes locally and track your employees globally. This is the perfect solution for any team that is working remotely. 

MyComply is one of the most efficient workforce management software dedicated to serving construction companies. With a contract workforce, there are several challenges; tracking resources and the time invested by each contractor is one such issue. With MyComply’s automated manpower logs you can rely on accurate and real-time data. As well as on-demand reporting of your resources including the workforce. Labor inflation is a significant issue and with real-time tracking, you monitor how much time the contractors are giving each task or project. With the certification management feature, you can always stay up to date with your team’s certifications. This helps you avoid any legal issues and helps your team maintain its efficiency. 

Zenefits is a WFM software that focuses primarily on three things – tax filing, payroll, and reporting. All three things require substantial time, resources, and efficiency in terms of management. If you don’t have the luxury of spending that time on these factors. Or you want to raise your billable hours. Zenefits can help you track the hours of your contractors, and seamlessly report the same with accurate real-time data. It can also streamline your employee compensation, benefits, as well as taxation. Taxes are a complicated aspect of any business. It can also help with most state and federal tax filing including the 1099 filing to the IRS. Additionally, you will find detailed reporting on your payroll administration that includes – contractors’ payment reports, tax summaries, wage summaries, etc. 

SumTotal is another workforce management software that is perfect for the manufacturing, construction, finance, and healthcare industries. Along with tracking absences, it also provided a complete talent management solution. The talent management solution includes recruiting, onboarding, and learning. Additionally, it covers multiple timesheet templates so you can easily track your employees and part-time contractors. 

Enterprise eTime on the other hand focuses primarily on solving time theft issues in the construction industry. Along with a comprehensive workforce management solution, it also comes with biometric or touchpad-enabled clock or card swipe devices. Alongside scheduling and task management, it also offers attendance tracking, absences, email notifications, and more. A comprehensive solution to ensure your team is giving their best and maintaining a highly efficient work environment. However, it also ensures your employee management practices are compliant. Hence, all attendance and leave cases are managed closely to ensure fairness and compliance.

Now You need to figure out which of these solutions you need the most. For some, it can be time tracking and attendance management. For some, it can be payroll management with easy global payment solutions. Some can also be looking for the best scheduling solution out there. Whoever you are, and whatever your needs maybe there is a workforce management solution out there for you.
If you have pressing scheduling issues, how about you start the 14-day free trial of eResource Scheduler workforce management software?