Best Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Rising energy costs are straining the budgets of many Americans today. They want to know how they can bring these costs under control. There are several steps a homeowner may take to bring their energy usage down. The following three are popular options today. 

Solar Roofing

Many people would love to heat and cool their home with the help of the sun. However, they do not want bulky solar panels taking away from the curb appeal of the property, so they put off speaking to a solar roofing provider. Today, there is another option for those who want to harness the power of the sun. 

Talk with a roofing contractor to learn about an energy producing solar roof. Solar shingles replace the bulky panels of the past. These slim photovoltaic sheets may be used to replace the shingles currently on the roof or they can overlay solar roof tiles. The sheets absorb sunlight and turn it into electricity that can be used to power the home. 

With the installation of these shingles, the homeowner saves money on their monthly energy bills. In addition, they are doing their part to protect the environment. However, in the process, they aren’t detracting from the curb appeal of their property or lowering its value. 

Add Insulation

Insulation helps to maintain the temperature within the home and reduces the load on the home’s HVAC system. The Insulation Institute reports approximately 90 percent of homes today are lacking in this area. It recommends R-38 insulation for an attic installed at a depth of 13 to 14 inches. Bringing the insulation up to this level will help keep the home cool during the summer months and warm in the winter. 

However, the attic is only one area of the home that needs insulation. Side walls, floors, and crawl spaces also require insulation. Basements, ductwork, and interior walls also benefit from the installation of insulation. Work with a professional contractor to find where the home would benefit from more insulation, as the right amount of insulation makes the home more energy efficient. 

Update Appliances

When the time comes to replace one or more appliances in the home, choose energy efficient models. These models come with the HE logo, which shows they use less energy than their peers. While a person will shell out more at the time of purchase, energy-efficient appliances save money in the long run, as they use less energy when operating. 

However, this doesn’t mean a person can turn these appliances on and leave them running continuously. They still draw power even when they aren’t operating, so it’s best to turn them off and unplug them. This ensures they aren’t drawing power when sitting idle. 

Smart plugs are an excellent way to turn appliances on and off from any location. The plug allows the homeowner to control the device remotely, monitor energy usage, and more. In addition, the homeowner can use the smart plug to schedule times when an appliance will be on or off. 

Making the home more efficient comes with a high price tag initially in many cases. Smart plugs don’t cost much, but energy-efficient appliances, added insulation, and solar shingles do. Homeowners need to consider the return on investment they will see with any home improvement project to decide which ones they should undertake. This ensures they are satisfied when the work is done.