Best Trade Courses in Australia to Get PR

Do you know what makes Australia the best destination to work? Well, it ranks among the top countries in the UN Human Development Index. Australia offers the best average salaries in the world. However, if you want to make a successful career in Australia, we recommend you to study trade courses in Australia. 

Australia has always been a great place to live, study and work. Overseas students who’re interested in hand-on training must enroll in a trade course. As trade industry is one of the highest growth industry of Australia. Skilled trade employees are highly in demand in Australia. The interesting fact is you can make your way to PR through these trade courses in Australia.

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 What are Trade Courses?

Trade Courses in Australia provides a pathway to permanent residency. Many educational institutes in Australia offer trade courses. International and domestic students can study a trade course in which they’re most interested. They can develop the industry-related skills to work in the Australian firms. 

The Australian Government offers various career opportunities to eligible students. You can study a 1 or 2-year trade course from an education provider in Australia. You’ll receive the same qualifications as others who study a 4-year apprenticeship in Australia. 

During trade course, students learn new skills and gain knowledge about their field. As it’s very difficult to find professional trade workers. They’re always in demand in Australia. You must complete your trade course successfully to secure your future in Australia.

Importance of Trade Courses in Australia

Trade courses are like learn and earn deal for international and local students of Australia. Australian institutions offer professional training to students to learn new things about the trade courses. The learning will take them to the top-notch organizations of Australia to work in.

International students can get infinite opportunities to start their careers. The trade professionals earn a handsome amount of money per year in Australia. Trade courses have a great scope and offer numerous opportunities to students. Trade professionals can start their own business in Australia. As they become very skilled by the end of the trade course. 

Trade Courses to Get PR in Australia

International students can enroll in any trade course they like. The Australian educational institutes offer a variety of trade courses that can lead to PR in Australia. 

Here’re the top 4 in-demand trade courses in Australia

  • Electrical Engineering Technician

Engineering is one of the progressing fields in Australia. You can work as a boilermaker, diesel fitter, Engineering associate, welder, locksmith, etc. If you successfully complete a trade course in engineering so you can make your way in different Australian industries such as infrastructure, construction, resources and mining,

The occupation of electrical engineering technician is on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). The average salary of electrical engineers is AU$76194 per year in Australia. You can learn about new digital systems to design in Australian firms. If you complete this course so you’ll be able to manage the basic faults in electronic devices.

  • Leadership and Management

The leadership and management course in Australia helps to develop creative skills in students. This course teaches the basic strategies to lead and manage a team. Leadership and Management is a nationally accredited course in Australia that offers career opportunities with a good salary package.

You can work as an Administrative, Sales Branch Manager, Front Line Manager, or Financial Planner in Australia after completing this course. The average salary of leadership and management professionals is $96,699 per year in Australia. The salary package for newcomers starts from $79,455 per year. Whereas the highly skilled and experienced workers earn more than $119,987 per year in Australia.

  • Boat Building 

Australia is popular for providing top-class and professional boat builders all around the world. Boat Building is on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). This trade assures international students to get permanent residency in Australia.

Students learn about the basic skills and tactics of boat building in Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction. They get trained by highly skilled professionals who provide technical knowledge about boat building in Australia.

The Boat Building graduates learn about occupational health and safety, composite, trade drawing and lofting, material science, timber framing and construction. Boat builders earn great money in Australia as their average salary is $1602.00 per week.

  • Carpentry

Carpentry is the most in-demand trade profession in Australia. Students get practical training and learn technical strategies of construction. They learn the tactics for building in Certificate III in Carpentry. Students can work in different fields of carpentry in the Australian industries. They prepare, treat, cut and shape the timber elements to use in the building structures.   

Students can get different career opportunities in different fields of carpentry. They can work as a shopfitter, framework carpenter or formwork carpenter.

The skilled carpenters in Australia earn up to $40,000 to $90,000 per year. Students can set their own business after completing the carpentry course in Australia. Further, this course can lead you to get residency in Australia on a permanent basis.


Australia is a beautiful destinations in the world. It offers Trade courses to overseas students and Australian. Students who want to get PR must apply for trade courses in Australia. Many Australian institutes offer a number of trade courses. Students get professional training from highly skilled instructors. They can be a valuable part of Australian trade industry if they complete the trade course.