Dubai is a most precious gem in the Arabian crown with a great blend of historic Arabic landscapes and modern architecture. It has a few spots that have a relaxing Arabic vibe to them. This royal place is so stunning and provides various reasons to have a splendid time.

The places are so astonishing and gripping. When it comes to lunch or dinner under the sky (outside locations), Dubai has a handful of locations to offer you. All of its locations, in particular, can make barbecue fans’ mouth water buckets.

The stunning starry sky of Dubai is a result of the Arabian Deserts, and it provides the ideal backdrop for a night of barbecuing.

“Having an aromatic BBQ, with a feel of cool breeze, sitting around a fire under a starry sky, isn’t it a captivating vibe?”

However, Dubai is not a small town, and deciding on the perfect location for your BBQ might be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Go to restaurants for indoor BBQ, wander about the city to find a perfect spot for BBQ, or catch dhow cruise Dubai marina Dinner to spend your time in the middle of the sea.

Also, Dubai offers you to have some lavish time with yacht rental. Get a yacht from any yacht rental in Dubai and go in the middle of the sea while having the perfect scenario of the golden City of Dubai.

 But some most stunning and hypnotic places that are favorites for most of the tourists and residents are:


The first of the round-up of excellent public BBQ places in Dubai is located at Dubai Creek Park, one of the city’s oldest parks. This park, which is located directly on the Dubai Creek, is a true oasis in the heart of old Dubai.

This park, which covers roughly 96 hectares, is one of Dubai’s most popular picnic sites. In addition to designated BBQ areas, the park features many

  • biking areas
  • child play areas
  • gardens
  • appealing entertainment options such as mini-golf and cross-karting for the entire family

The cable car, however, has to be the most popular and precise feature in Dubai Creek Park (for perspectives of the town that you gained it to get anywhere else). So bring a picnic blanket, some charcoal, and your favorite pieces of meat to this fish fry site in Dubai.

Entry Fee: AED 5

Timings: 08:00 am to 11:00 pm


Barbecue and the beach have a special relationship that is best known by fish fry fans. The park, which runs along the Al Mamzar Corniche, has a massive, tree-covered view. Because it’s a park, there are playground facilities for youngsters to occupy their time as you set up for the BBQ.

Entry Fee: AED 5

Timings: Sun to Wed (08:00 am to 10:00 pm)

Thur to Sat & Public Holidays (08:00 am to 11:00 pm)


There’s no better way to experience Dubai by night than a cruise on an authentic dhow.

Nothing compares to the thrill of sailing on the sea while eating freshly cooked BBQ. Also, nothing beats the pleasure of chewing on luscious steak while floating across the beautiful waters of Dubai on your luxury yacht rental.


Soak up the sparkling lights of this sky-high city from the open upper deck.

Enjoy a well-crafted slowly moving boat while having aromatic BBQ. The Dhow Cruise Marina Dinner will serve you perfect flavored BBQ while taking you towards top-notch scenarios of Dubai Marina. Being surrounded by blue waters, the BBQ experience under a dark sky and a fresh breeze will make your time lavish. Catch it soon at yacht rental Dubai marina and let yourself lose in the feel of lavish vibes.


Hire a yacht from any reputed yacht rental in Dubai and roam around the sea privately. There is no better way to get away from the hustle of the city and spend quality time alone or with nearby ones, than being on a luxury yacht. So make your time marvelous and get a yacht to make your time lavish.


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In Dubai, Al Qudra Lake is a popular camping spot. The spot has recently become popular among Dubai residents looking for public BBQ areas.

It’s a desolate area of land located outside of town that offers fantastic camping.

Despite its man-made nature, Al Qudra Lake attracts a large number of wild birds and other creatures, so bring your camera. If you’re visiting this popular fish fry place in Dubai, remember to use caution when lighting a fire or a BBQ. Cooking should now be done in a barbeque pit or a container rather than in the sand.

While enjoying a fish fry, you can also have a fantastic time looking for birds. However, you should proceed with caution, as this establishment has its own set of grilling rules, and failing to adhere to them could end in an uncomfortable situation.

Al Qudra Lake is considered one of the best BBQ spots in Dubai because of its natural charms.

Entry Fee: Free

Timings: Open 24-hours


Safa Park is a must-visit when it comes to excellent BBQ. This park provides a high-quality aesthetic environment for your children as well as other amenities such as playgrounds. You can also ride a motorcycle or take a ship tour here. Most importantly, this area has designated barbeque grills, so you won’t need to bring your grill; only bring yourself and your meat. Providing you astonishing views full of greenery and a perfect sitting area, this park makes your family time and BBQ experience simply amazing.

Entry Fee: AED 3

Timings: 08:00 am to 11:00 pm


Hatta, Dubai’s mountain metropolis, is a popular tourist and residential destination. To get away from the stresses of everyday life, one can go to town. Hatta Hill Park, a lovely place that is a wonderful venue for a BBQ safari supper, adds to the region’s appeal. You can enjoy a stunning view of this town too, surrounded by rocks and long-strolling music. It provides an ideal atmosphere for enjoying grilled meat.

It was founded in 2004 and has a total area of 63,915 square kilometers. Over a mountain, unfold. So, start by trekking up the beautiful mountain and taking in the views from the pinnacle, which include breathtaking huge rocks and a village. Work on your demeanor and enjoy a well-earned BBQ. It’s a fun place for the entire family, with a dedicated children’s gambling field, sports activities field, and a large jogging track.

A visit to Hatta Lake or Hatta Wadi Hub, followed by a full lunch at this popular BBQ place in Dubai, will make your day exciting and full of joy.

Entry Fee: Free entry

Timings: 08:00 am to 10:00 pm

Final Thoughts

Barbeque fans understand the cost of playing outside grilling better than anyone else, and Dubai is a great spot to spend quality time with your family. From places surrounded by trees to places under the starry sky and from perfect land vibes to the blue water vibes, Dubai has all the lavish spots that make your time magical and marvelous.