Best Online Jackpot Slots

When people think of slot machines, the first images that come to mind are flashing lights and a vast amount of coins coming out of a small chute as a player has his arms in the air, flailing. That visual gets connected with a sense of exhilaration in the air, as a lucky individual has landed a life-altering win, commonly referred to in gambling circles as a jackpot. That is the association movies and pop culture, in general, have conditioned us to conjure up when the phrase progressive prize or jackpot comes up.

Those unfamiliar with what precisely an internet progressive jackpot is should not feel the need to deep dive into the first online casino guide Google locates. We will break down the concept here in a sentence. A progressive game collects all losing bets into one pot and then pays out the gathered sum to a player who lands a predetermined symbol combination. These are the most lucrative gaming products on the World Wide Web, available since 1999 when Cash Splash changed the game.

Until the early 2010s came around, online progressive reel-spinning titles were not competitive with their land-based counterparts. However, all that has now changed. The amounts that such jackpot online spinners can now produce are usually equal, if not vaster, than those available in physical establishments. In what follows, we list the five best products in this genre for those willing to test their luck with astronomic odds in play en route to potential jaw-dropping rewards. The popularity of online lottery sites worldwide is growing and more and more people are starting to play digital. Check this review and pick the best free lottery to play online.

Mega Moolah

Speaking of game-changers, Microgaming’s safari-themed game titled Mega Moolah was the one that introduced frequent million-dollar jackpots in the digital sphere. It is also the reel-spinning product responsible for the most sizeable internet win ever, paying out a prize of $22 million in early 2021. Mega Moolah’s seed is $1 million. Meaning, this is the minimum resetting reward limit following a jackpot win. The game’s average payout is $5.8 million, and players morph into millionaires via its reels, on average, every eight weeks.

Hall of Gods

NetEnt is one of interactive gaming’s behemoths, active in this sphere since 1996, right when it started to kick off. They boast a catalog of some four hundred reel-spinners, among which are a few progressive titles, with the most famous one being the Viking-motif romp – Hall of Gods. Released in November 2013, it has cashed out over twenty Mega Jackpot wins, worth close to or over a million dollars, with the most impressive being nine million dollars. In recent years, it has kept a somewhat modest pace, annually, only giving out around two Mega Jackpots. Nevertheless, it produces its Midi ones, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars far more regularly.

Mega Fortune

While Hall of Gods maybe a little more popular than Mega Fortune, the latter is, in fact, NetEnt’s premier millionaire-maker. It hit online casinos everywhere in January 2009 as an industry oddity, a progressive slot game that boasts a low variance and an RTP of 96%. That said, like most jackpot slots, this one also features rudimentary gameplay, so in all other aspects, it is par for the course. Winning potential-wise, the most it has ever paid out is a reward worth $20 million, but most of its average progressive wins hover in the $5 million range, getting churned out every three months or so.

Age of the Gods: God of Storms

Playtech is one of the UK’s leading online gambling game providers, and they have been a sector pioneer since 1999 when they began operating from Estonia. Aside from their catalog of high-quality reel-spinners, they are a notable company because they are the first provider to let internet casino users play roulette online against a live dealer. Age of Gods is their most successful slot series, which utilizes one of the most established motifs in the industry, Greek Mythology. Unleashed in 2017, God of Storms is a 2017 addition to the series, targeting players of all size-bankrolls and churning out jackpot wins of around a million dollars.

MegaJackpots Cleopatra

IGT or International Game Technology is a leading product supplier for the brick-and-mortar sector. Nevertheless, they also dabble in the online sphere. Undoubtedly, their most recognizable internet reel-spinner is Cleopatra, released in 2012. Yet, many newbies are unaware that IGT produced a jackpot version of this slot in 2015 named MegaJackpots Cleopatra. When it got announced, IGT claimed that MegaJackpot Cleopatra had the most sizeable seed value in the industry at $1.5 million. Though, now this amount has gotten lowered to half a million.