Best Neurology Hospital in Frederick, Maryland, USA

If you have a neurological health problem, you might need to see a neurologist near me in Frederick, Maryland, USA. Neurologists diagnose, treat, and manage conditions related to the nervous system, which comprises your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. 

It is common for neurological disorders and conditions to affect your movement, speech, and thinking. Symptoms of neurological disorders and conditions vary based on the affected system. Depending on the condition, a neurologist may diagnose and treat it accordingly. Depending on your situation, your neurologist may become your primary care provider or help your primary care doctor take care of you. 

This article highlights why Frederick Health is one of the best hospitals for neurosciences and neurological care in Frederick County.

When to See a Neurologist

A general doctor can treat a couple of illnesses, ranging from acute conditions like flu to severe diseases like hypertension. However, some conditions such as those affecting the nervous system might need specialized care.

If you experience the following symptoms, make an appointment with a neurologist who will assess them, then make a diagnosis and oversee the treatment:

  • Difficulties in movement such as walking
  • Chronic pain
  • Seizures
  • Vision problem
  • Serious headache
  • Muscle weakness
  • Memory loss

Why Choose Frederick Health

Founded in 1902, Frederick Health takes pride in serving the Maryland region by providing high standards of care in the Neurosciences. We have a team of highly skilled neurologists who will answer any of your concerns right from diagnosis to the treatment procedure and ensure you’re back to your normal body functioning.

Under the Neurosciences department, we have the spine works, stroke program and stroke support group.

Spine Works

This program is entirely dedicated to spine surgery, rehabilitation and recovery. The Spine Works consists of various talents skilled in clinical services, including nurses, physicians, and rehabilitation therapists who work together to treat patients with spine injuries. Types of spine surgeries offered include laminectomy, discectomy and artificial disc replacement.

Stroke Program

Studies show that stock is the leading cause of disability and the fifth leading cause of death in the US. 

A stroke happens when blood is inadequately supplied in the brain. Our skilled professionals treat both types of stroke- Ischemic and Hemorrhagic giving you all the care and support you need throughout the process.

Our stroke program at Frederick Health values quality, respect, responsibility, stewardship, honesty, integrity and teamwork. Our dedicated team, through collaboration, strives to:

  • Deliver timely, competent and appropriate treatment to all patients suffering from a stroke.
  • Educate the community, patients and their families about stroke and how to prevent and manage it if it occurs.
  • Provide care and support to stroke survivors and their caregivers/families through all the experiences we have.

Other conditions treated by our neurosurgery department include tumors, hydrocephalus, brain/spinal abscess, blood clots, brain bleeds and herniated disc, among others.

The Neurology department at Frederick Health has State-of-the-art technology and equipment and, most important trained staff to ensure curated treatment for all your neurology needs. Our case managers and social workers will also help patients and their families take care of several things for a smooth discharge and transition. If you’re looking for a neurologist near me, schedule a call with us today and let us walk this journey with you.