Season 2 has finally arrived in Diablo Immortal 2, and several changes have been made. What Monk Builds should players follow for this season?

Diablo Immortal is getting much more competitive as the game moves on to its next season. Players are trying to equip the best-in-slot items for their Diablo Immortal accounts to stay ahead of the curve. Monks, in particular, are some of the most challenging jobs to optimize due to their niche role in PvP and PvE. However, building this character properly can make it a formidable fighter on the frontlines.

Monk Overview

Monks are master fighters who excel in hand-to-hand combat and their use of mystic arts. They rely mainly on their martial prowess and spiritual connection to overpower and take down their opponents. This class noticeably does not use any heavy armor or weapons. But these fighters use several Diablo Immortal items to augment their fighting skills. These martial fighters are commonly ranked as B tier in PvE and A tier in PvP due to their challenging playstyle and required optimization.

Monks are not the strongest in their early stages. Many other jobs will out scale these fighters during the progression phase. However, a properly built Monk can outshine other characters in the strength tree. This class is the fastest STR-type job due to their high mobility, giving them a considerable advantage over different strength-oriented types. 

Monks in Season 2

In the current season of Diablo Immortal, Monks are still ranked as B tier in PvE and A rank in PvP. This indicates that players will find these martial masters fighting other demon slayers more frequently than actual demons. While Monks excel mainly in PvP, they are still highly viable to the PvE scene if they are built properly.

Best Combat Stats

Monks focus mainly on three attributes to amplify their power. Each combat stat provides specific benefits that allow players to last longer in combat. Here are the best combat stats for this class for PvE and PvP:

  • Strength
  • Fortitude
  • Vitality

Monks is an STR-oriented class, so it makes sense that players focus on dumping points in this stat. Since this martial class tends to be in the frontline more often, allocating resources to Fortitude will increase this job’s armor and armor penetration, which increases their survivability and fighting capabilities. Vitality is the third best option for Monks. This attribute increases the maximum HP of the class, which also boosts their survivability.

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Best Group PvE Build

Most players will spend more time doing Raids and PvE content, which is more abundant than in the PvP scene. In either scenario, Monks use their mobility and crowd control, making them exceptional in group content. While these mystic fighters have a strong teamplay synergy, they lack bits in the solo content department. However, this issue can be remedied by swapping out gear and skills. Here is the best PvE build for Monks:

Group PvE Skills

Though players can use many skills, gamers should swap out abilities depending on the situation. Specific attacks are more suitable for the PvE scene due to their overall usability against mobs and supporting teammates. Here are the best abilities for this category:

  • Primary Skill: Fist of Thunder: This ability is one of the best primary skills, which allows Monks to blink at their targets while unleashing flurries of fists. The number of times players can teleport using this skill keeps them mobile and hard to pin down. In addition, using add-ons such as Lightning Flux gives this ability more damage output. 
  • Cyclone Strike (level 3): This attack is one of the Monk’s primary crowd-control abilities. It deals AoE damage to the character’s immediate vicinity while pulling them towards the center. Charging up this ability increases its range and damage.
  • Mystic Strike (level 15) – This skill is considered one of the best mobility abilities in the game. This ability also serves as one of the Monks’ primary crowd-control attacks. Whenever players use this, they dash to a targeted direction leaving behind a remnant, which will follow the character after a short delay. Upon returning, the spirit will damage enemies in its path while pulling them to its destination.
  • Inner Sanctuary (level 38) – The move is one of the Monk’s most formidable survivability skills. This ability marks the area with a circular aura, reducing the damage the players and their allies receive. This is particularly useful in boss fights when playing with other people. However, swapping this skill with Exploding Palm or Seven-Sided Strike is recommended when playing solo.
  • Mystic Allies (level 50) – This ability is the most potent single-target damage Monks have in their arsenal. This skill conjures Spirit Allies that gain HP based on the player’s maximum health. They will target enemies within the vicinity using melee attacks to deal damage. They yield the most hurt by attacking single targets. 

These abilities are optimized mainly for group content in PvE. However, adventurers can take the liberty to swap skills that do not fit in solo gaming. 

Best In Slot Gear

  • Helmet: The Open Mind
  • Chest: Disciplined Respite
  • Shoulders: Discipline’s Weight
  • Legs: Companion’s Melody
  • Main Hand: Rod of Echoes
  • Off-Hand: Eye of the Storm

Gear Set

  • Issatar Imbued +2: Gain 30% increased movement speed for 2 seconds every time an enemy is defeated
  • Issatar Imbued +4: Gain 2.5% increased damage every time the player acquires 5% additional movement speed, which scales up to 25% maximum damage.
  • Windloft Perfection +2: Every time a player gets attacked, they gain Thousand Winds, which increases movement speed by 15% for three seconds.


  • Blood-Soaked Jade
  • Seeping Bile
  • Everlasting Torment
  • Power and Command
  • Fervant Fang
  • Unity Crystal
  • Berserker’s Eyes
  • Ca’arsen’s Invigoration
  • Lo’s Focused Gaze

Best Solo PvE Build

Monks who choose to play solo will have to do minor revisions to their build. Several skills are swapped out for more damage dealing-abilities. In addition, gear focuses more on damage-dealing stats. Other aspects, such as Gems and Gear Sets, are similar to the Group PvE Build.

PvE Solo Skills

For Solo gaming, the abilities are focused more on mobility and damage. Sustainability or survivability skills are not a priority here since equipping them will reduce the total attack power. Here are the recommended move set for this category:

  • Fist of Thunder (level 1)
  • Cyclone Strike (level 1)
  • Seven-sided Strike (level 8): This ability is another mobility skill that deals decent damage. Monks dashes to nearby enemies and attack seven times.
  • Mystic Strike (level 15)
  • Exploding Palm (level 20): This skill deals decent damage while inflicting bleed on foes who face the attack. Any mobs that die while the bleed effect is active will explode, dealing AoE damage to any nearby enemies.
  • Mystic Allies (level 50)


  • Head: Crippling Insight
  • Shoulders: Discipline’s Weight
  • Chest: Breath of Incense
  • Legs: Path of the Storm
  • Main Hand Weapon: Dragon’s Indignation
  • Off-hand Weapon: Eye of the Storm

Gear Set

  • Issatar Imbued +2: Gain 30% increased movement speed for 2 seconds every time an enemy is defeated
  • Issatar Imbued +4: Gain 2.5% increased damage every time the player acquires 5% additional movement speed, which scales up to 25% maximum damage.
  • Windloft Perfection +2: Every time a player gets attacked, they gain Thousand Winds, which increases movement speed by 15% for three seconds.


  • Blessing of the Worthy
  • Blood-Soaked Jade
  • Chip of Stone Flesh
  • Frozen Heart
  • Berserker’s Eye
  • Chained Death
  • Everlasting Torment
  • Fervent Fang

Best PvP Build

The PvP build is slightly more complicated since it balances overall damage and survivability. Unlike Solo PvE build, arena players need to have enough damage to take down opponents while having enough sustain to survive being swarmed by hostile gamers. Crowd-controls are the Monks’ best friend in this scene since it allows them to shut down high-value targets.

PvP Skills

For player versus player scenarios, Monks need to ensure they can survive getting swarmed in fights due to being frontline fighters. However, they also need to be mobile enough to compensate for their lesser durability than other STR classes. In addition, Monks need to emphasize their crowd-controls to lockdown and pin enemies. While this class doesn’t have much burst damage, their ability to combo and immobilize opponents are enough to eliminate anyone. Here are the recommended skills for PvP Monks:

  • Primary Skills: Fist of Thunder
  • Seven-Sided Strike
  • Shield of Zen: This ability is a reliable survivability skill for Monks during fights. This move will grant players or their target a shield that will absorb damage for 5 seconds.
  • Exploding Palm
  • Imprisoned Fist: This skill is the best opener for Monks when they are looking to enter a fight. Imprisoned Fist immobilizes enemies caught in its path for five seconds, which allows players to close the distance.


  • Helmet: Pensive Crown
  • Chest: Breath of Incense
  • Shoulders: Authority of Patience
  • Leg: Isolation’s Path
  • Main Hand Weapon: Dragon’s Indignation
  • Off-hand Weapon: Reaching Rebuke

Gear Set

  • War Rags of Shal’Baas +2: Increase Primary Attack Damage by 15%
  • War Rags of Shal’Baas +4: Gradually Increase Attack Speed with Primary Attacks to up to 25%
  • War Rags of Shal’Baas +6: Primary Attacks have a 5% chance to boost Attack Speed for 12 seconds, which can only occur every 40 seconds


  • Everlasting Torment
  • Ca’arsens Invigoration
  • Fervent Fang
  • Pain of Subjugation
  • Blood-Soaked Jade
  • Seeping Bile

Choose the Right Build

Whether players fight other demon slayers or farm Diablo Immortal Platinum, gamers should understand what type of build they need. Knowing what items, abilities, and sets to use for Monk can make this class more formidable and powerful. Make sure to follow the guide that suits the specific situation they will be used in.