If you are currently considering a transition to a new profession, the digital marketing sphere belongs to one of the most promising ones. Recently, the demand for specialists from this industry has been rising and shows no signs of decline. Almost every sphere needs someone who manages and maintains its online presence across various channels. Besides, there are many job opportunities in the digital marketing sphere. They presume various skills, terms, educational requirements, and natural abilities. If you decide to pick up a digital marketing profession, you have plenty of options and opportunities to switch. 

Specialists from Jooble, one of the leading job search engines worldwide, have prepared a list of well-paying and promising digital marketing professions, you could pay attention to. Whether you are into management, tech, creative tasks, or business, there are various marketing options where employees can unlock their potential. 


Search engine algorithms are fundamental in digital marketing. They determine the whole online presence strategy of the company. Keep in mind that search optimization is highly fluctuating. Occasionally Google turns the whole industry upside down, releasing brand-new requirements to websites, and making specialists completely change their previous instruments to promote websites. SEO/SEM managers are one of the highest earners in the field. Their services are always in high demand because algorithms change fast. To stay up-to-date and adjust to alterations, you need specialists with a profound understanding of building a consistent and harmonious SEO/SEM strategy. 


User experience designers are in charge of the end-to-end website development. They also deal with various digital marketing applications. To succeed in this job, one has to demonstrate a technical background and experience in high-end design spheres. Thanks to UX designers, companies can realize how the average users see the website. It helps reshape their marketing experience and reach out to the audience better and faster. The more engaging and clear path the website offers to the customers, the better prospects the company has to grab and keep their attention. On top, UX designers may get a leading role in project management when it comes to testing and design. Improving usability and interaction between the platform and audience is the key to successful business activity. 

Artificial intelligence specialist

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are developing at light speed. They help companies significantly improve business flow, operate faster and enhance customer experience. Analyzing data and applying it in strategic marketing, specialists in this sphere get a broader picture of the situation in the industry. They may forecast changes and help companies adjust faster to them. Alternatively, artificial intelligence professionals may set trends themselves. To specialize in this area, one needs a technical degree and a strong computer science background. With in-depth programming skills and an understanding of data analysis, you will be able to boost marketing campaigns, effectively allocate budget, analyze expenditures, and offer clients better solutions. 

We have described a tiny part of digital marketing employment opportunities. However, they let you understand how diverse this area is. Many professions in this industry require technical background and the ability to learn fast. Since trends and algorithms are changing fast, one should be prepared to process new information daily. However, receiving cutting-edge hard and soft marketing skills is nowadays more available than ever before. Explore various options and pick up a new and well-paying professional path.