Best Intimate Venues for Unforgettable Celebrations

Have you been looking for an amazing new experience with just the right mix of intimacy and luxury? If so, we here at The Standard Yacht will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect way to spend a day aboard a luxury yacht. The Standard Yacht offers cruises for several different types of unforgettable situations. Your family and friends will be awed by the amount of luxury you are lavishing upon them.


One of our most popular cruises is the friends and family yacht charter that we offer. With this cruise, you and your closest loved ones will enjoy your time cruising the San Diego bay and soaking up all of the sights and the sunshine. Though we also offer cruises for larger celebrations such as weddings and birthdays, we are also able to accommodate smaller, more intimate celebrations.

If you are planning a wedding, a bachelorette or bachelor party may be on your immediate to-do list. With The Standard Yacht, you have the opportunity to celebrate your upcoming wedding with a small selection of only your closest friends. The drinks are free-flowing on your luxury yacht charter, so you will be able to sit back and enjoy your time without worrying about whether or not there are enough refreshments left for your party.

We also offer a cruise for a nice, romantic dinner, complete with a 5-star chef service that is offered to you and your significant other. The best part of our romantic dinner cruise is that it can easily be turned into a proposal cruise. Whether you had planned to propose ahead of time, or just brought the engagement ring along, just in case, it will be a proposal that she will love bragging about for a long time to come.

What is Included?

No matter which cruise you decide to book with The Standard Yacht, there are a few things that are included in your fees. Some of these things include the cruise around the San Diego Bay, a trusted and licensed captain, 3 separate bedrooms, a beverage hostess, and free wifi and television access. Additionally, there are several add-ons that you can choose from that will help enhance your experience aboard our beautiful ship. Some of these add-ons include a 5-star chef, paddle boards, and a water lounge for your guests to enjoy.

If you have been searching for the best intimate venue for whichever unforgettable celebration is coming up in your life, you can rest easy knowing that you have found The Standard Yacht. Our intimate cruises, such as the romantic dinner cruise and the surprise proposal cruise, are among our most popular yacht charters. We here at The Standard Yacht enjoy providing you with the opportunity to pull off these intimate celebrations with minimal work on your part.