Best Holiday Gift Baskets This Year

Have someone on your holiday gift list this year that you are struggling with? If you are unsure about good gift ideas, you would be wise to consider a themed holiday gift basket. Everyone loves digging into a basket of goodies to discover what lies inside. Here are five of the best holiday gift basket ideas for you to consider for all of your giving needs this year.

Coffee Basket: Give your gift recipients a jolt with a coffee-themed basket. You can go in a number of different directions with this idea. Stuff your basket with fun coffee mugs and a variety of coffee options. You can also consider including a gift card to your favorite local coffee shop. Other appropriate additions include sweet treats to complement the coffee and flavored syrups. A spinoff of this idea is a basket full of teas and all of the appropriate essentials.

The gift baskets must cater to a wide range of tastes, so whether your recipient has a sweet tooth or a savoury taste, you can be sure to discover something that will thrill them.

Gift Basket: What could be better than a beloved gift basket? This is a classic gift that never goes out of style. Nothing says the holidays quite like gathering loved ones together, and it’s even better when you can all enjoy a Hickory Farms gift basket filled with so many good bites and treats. You will find there are plenty of options, allowing you to choose the basket best suited for everyone’s taste buds. One of the more popular choices is a meat and cheese gift box, filled with a bevy of different cheese blends along with three signature sausage varieties that pair beautifully with two different mustards and crackers. Families will love breaking out a bountiful food gift basket when guests show up during the busy holiday season.

Wine Basket: For the ultimate in fun, consider a wine basket theme. If you have a wine lover in your life, you can go this route by building a basket around a few of your favorite varietals. Include a few glasses and perhaps some accompaniments and you will have a fabulous gift idea. Appropriate accompaniments to wine include cheese, chocolates, nuts, and pasta. If you are feeling extra creative, choose a few food pairings to complement the wine that you are providing.

Beer Basket: You do not have to limit yourself to just wine for a boozy basket theme. Beer aficionados will appreciate a beer-themed basket. Perhaps you want to do beers around the world idea with varieties from all over the globe? Great things to include in this basket are a bottle opener, coasters, pint glasses, or a koozie. Do not forget to throw in some salty snacks to complement the beverages.

Popcorn Gift Basket: A popcorn gift basket is an excellent idea for families with children. Make it easy with a popcorn tin stuffed with different flavors. Or get extra creative by assembling your own basket with a variety of sweet and salty flavors to appear to every taste. You can take this idea one step further by including some board games or movies to go along with the popcorn. This gift will inspire a night of family fun.

These five gift basket ideas will surely cover everyone on your list this year.