Best Games To Play If You Are a Beginner At Online Casino Websites

The advancement in technology and increased use of the internet are shifting the gambling industry towards online casinos. As online casinos offer easy and quick access to a huge variety of best casino games, a lot of players have started playing on these websites. In case you are also a beginner who wants to try your luck on these websites, look out for how you can start your journey. If you compare the casinos with online casinos, then the one main difference is the variety of games. To be a professional gambler, the article will show the best casino games for you to play as a beginner. 

List of casino games for beginners

Choosing the right online website will take you from beginner to professional player in no time. In case you come across some website that is not suitable for you, then you will lose interest before experiencing the real casino websites. The experts at have observed hundreds of games to select the top six that are perfect for beginners to start their gambling journey. 

Here is a list of all those games along with the details about their rules, the amount to bet, and the payout prizes. 

1. Baccarat 

This is the easiest game that is played by gamblers. Most of the experts have also started their journey from this game and have reached towards becoming the most popular players. In this game, you will get two cards, and the other person that is in the bank also has two cards of their own. Now whoever among the two has the collective value of two cards close to nine gets to win the game. 

In this game, the player only gets 95% of the wages. One rule of this game is that if your total value is two digits that are above 10, then the second digit is considered the final value. One good rule about Baccarat is that if your price is already eight or nine, then you can just claim the win against the bank. If not, then you will have the option to get another card. 

This is perfect for beginners as you can play with a minimum wager amount, and the dealer will be taking care of everything; all you have to do is just play. 

2. Roulette 

This casino game does not require much strategy or mindset but is considered to be one of the most entertaining casino games. A player has to make a bet that can be either on a single number or on a set of numbers such as all even numbers, same-colored numbers, consecutive numbers, or same pattern numbers. Then a ball is rolled and stopped at any particular number that makes the final decision if you predicted correctly or wrong. 

There is no strategy needed; all you need to think about is the numbers on which you want to bet. As a beginner, you need to know that it is not a game where you should make high bets as it is entirely based on luck. 

3. Blackjack 

Blackjack is quite similar to Baccarat and has very simple rules. A player receives the cards, and the total value of them should be equal to 21 or near to 21, but it cannot be more than that. Once the starting cards are given then, all the players have the several options:

  • Take a new card to increase your total value 
  • Just stand when your turn ends and present your cards 
  • If you have a very high value, then split it into two hands having a similar value in each and double up the bet. 

If after these options, you believe that you will not win and another player might have the perfect cards, then you can bet on the dealer’s or other player’s hands. One bad thing about betting on a dealer’s hand is that even if they win, the prize will be given as 2-1, so you will lose a lot that you bet. This is one of the best casino games in India and is loved by the players when they start to enter into strategy-based games

4. Slots

Slot games have global wide recognition and a high fan base. They are considered the best casino games in India. When it comes to the slot, there is a wide range of games. The skill set is not something that is very important in these games too; they are also based on luck. If you play on any online casino website, then the best thing is that you can get a lot of bonuses and free spins. 

As there are multiple types of slots so as a beginner, you can opt from the following six categories:

  • Seven-Reel slots 
  • Five-Reel slots 
  • Three-Reel slots 
  • Progressives 
  • Video slots 
  • Jackpots

Every slot game has a pay table that shows all the rules, such as the minimum amount that a player can stake and the final prize. Once you understand it, then move on towards adjusting the bet. In casino games, the higher the amount that you bet, the higher the winning prize will be. As a beginner, start from the lowest. Once you understand everything about them, then make your bets for as much as you want. 

5. Keno 

The gambling industry has been offering Keno for 3,000 years. As Keno has very basic rules and policies, it is considered one of the preferred games on online casino websites for all beginners. 

In this game, you will find a keno hopper where there are 80 balls that are numbered from 1 to 80. Once the game starts then the dealer draws out 20 balls one by one. The players can make bets on any ball and on as many balls as they like. The best way is to make your bet on 6 balls and depending on the odds that you get; you can win the prize. 

6. Sports betting 

Sportsbetting is very popular among all kinds of gamblers. Even the occasional gamblers love to make bets at sports betting because of the entertainment and interest. If you do not have any idea about gambling but have all the knowledge about sports and players, then you got a very high chance of winning. 

In sports betting, there is a very wide range of sports and bettings you can make. Here is a short description of all the types:


As a beginner in Cricket, one thing you should know is that you only bet on those teams and players that you really know about. You can make a bet on the following factors. 

  • The overall outcome of the match 
  • The final result of the first innings 
  • Man of the match 
  • Top batsman
  • Top bowler 
  • The outcome of one over, or one ball 
  • Total wickets by one player
  • Total runs by one player 


Football enthusiasts are present across the whole globe. On most of the online casino websites, you will see the option of football sports betting because the majority of gamblers bet on this. If you love football, then this is the perfect place for you to start betting upon. Here are the betting options you can find in football betting:

  • The overall outcome of the match 
  • Results after half 
  • Results after each quarter 
  • Total goals of each team
  • Betting on players

Horse racing 

Horse racing is one of the best casino games in India. Players spend millions on these bets. The rules of horse racing are very simple; people make bets on the horse they believe will come in the first, second, and third position. Whichever the horse wins, the person who has bet upon it also wins. 

As a beginner, if you have the knowledge of horses and know which one of them is best, then this is the perfect platform for you to start your journey from. 

Summary of top gambling games for a beginner

A casino is a place in which most of the results are based on luck. Beginners can win a large sum of money, and experts can lose simple games as it is a part of the journey. In the initial stage, it is recommended to speed the lowest so that losing them will not cause any problems. Also, the first few games are played to get the entire experience and knowledge. The games for beginners are present on almost all online casino websites. Just make the right choice, and you will be good to make some money in no time.