Best Furniture Maintenance Hacks to Swear By!

Buying new furniture for your home is a time-consuming process, and it is also heavy on your pocket. But it is also essential because furniture adds ambience and aesthetics to your room which tells about your lifestyle and personality. Furniture has become an important part of a home. 

Therefore, it requires equal maintenance and care. If you are looking for the best furniture maintenance hacks, then we have some amazing hacks for you. These hacks will surely help you in the best maintenance of your furniture and will also save your time. Here is everything you need to know. 

  1. Follow the basics

No one like to see their furniture unclean and dusty. You should schedule weekly cleaning sessions and stick to the schedule as much as possible. It will hardly take half an hour to clean your furniture covered with dust. 

This is not a hack but the most step that can help you maintain your furniture. Always remember, everyone likes to see clean and well-maintained furniture, and cleanliness attracts positive vibes to your house. Also, keep washing things related to your furniture every week, such as cushions, cushion covers, table cloth, and other accessories.

  1. Fight off the stains.

Sometimes, you become too lazy to wipe off the stains immediately. Doing this creates permanent marks on your furniture, and these stains are not easy to remove. It looks awful on your furniture, so you should not be lazy. 

Whenever water, juice, or anything spills on your furniture, clean it immediately, so it doesn’t leave any stains behind. Also, hot and cold water glasses on furniture leave stains. You can use non-gel toothpaste to remove these stains with the help of a soft cloth. 

  1. Tackle the odour problem

As the furniture starts getting old, the drawers, hinges, and cabinets can start developing odour problems. To fight this odour problem, you can leave a bowl of bleach for a week or more or coffee beans inside the drawers and cabinets overnight to combat the odour problem. This hack will help you eliminate your old furniture’s odour problem. 

  1. Sunlight is a big no. 

You should stay extra cautious while placing furniture in your home. You should not place furniture in places with direct sunlight for a long time. Keeping your furniture in sunlight can results in spots, so sunlight is a big no for your furniture. 

If there is any place in your house where you want to place your furniture, and that place has minimal or very low access to sunlight, then place a tablecloth on that to mitigate the effect of the sun. 

  1. Keep termites away.

Termites can ultimately damage your furniture and are primarily drawn to the moisture content in furniture. So, to prevent this, ensure that you use a dry cloth while cleaning and dusting. 

Also, you can use a mixture of aloe vera gel and olive oil with vinegar or simply use wood polish. To keep termites away from your furniture, dip a clean cloth in this mixture, and wipe everything. 


Now, if you want some hacks to save money on furniture, then instead of buying furniture, you can rent the furniture from different furniture renting platforms. You can get a sofa on rent, a tv on rent, a table on rent, or anything you want. For more such updates, stay tuned.