Best Focus Mitts for Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA

Best Focus Mitts for MMA & Boxing 2021 ⋆ MMA Revolution

Focus mitts, sometimes called punching mitts, boxing mitts, or focus pads, are padded targets worn on the hands of training partners. With a moving target, you may throw punches in a variety of directions and combinations. When worn in conjunction with bodyguards and a pair of MMA or boxing gloves, focus mitts allow you to deliver a wider variety of strikes to the hands and body.

One of the most vulnerable moments in combat sports is right after you’ve thrown a punch. That’s because one of your hands, as well as your brain, is distracted. A skilled opponent might seize the opportunity to strike when your guard is down. Focus mitts allow you to train striking while moving and avoiding counter-punches.

Of course, punching bags are an option as well. Focus mitts, on the other hand, are far less priced and need less storage space, making them more accessible to the majority of people. Furthermore, unlike free-standing punching bags, focus mitts may provide a moving target rather than a stationary one.

Focus mitts not only increase the trainee’s overall performance by increasing footwork, punches, accuracy, stance, form, offence, and timing, but they also assist trainers and coaches in evaluating the trainee’s performance. Coaches may study trainees’ movements up close and adjust them as needed. Focus mitts are available in a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Types of focus mitts

Flat Focus Mitts

Flat mitts are believed to be faster than other types of mitts when it comes to blocking blows.

Contoured Mitts

These mitts are specifically made for the hands to cup into. This is the ideal option if one has a lot of heavy blows or punches to contend with.

Micro Mitts

Lightly padded mitts would be the best pick to work on accuracy.

Air Mitts

As they are extensively padded, air mitts can withstand strong punches, kicks, and strikes.

Thai Pads

Densely padded elongated pads worn on the forearms used primarily as a target for kicks and strikes whilst training an MMA fighter.

Finding a one-of-a-kind focus mitt isn’t easy; it necessitates a thorough grasp of the technical details, which you may lack as a novice. Furthermore, the market is crowded with thousands of brands, making your task much more difficult.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about anything as we’ve got you covered and have narrowed down two of what we believe are the best focus mitts available on the market and worth every penny.

Premier Pro Concave Coach’s Mitts

These compact coaching focus mitts are designed for rapid maneuvers and precision strikes, which will help you master your mind-set and stay focused. They’re made with a blend of genuine leather, top notch microfiber, and synthetic leather that’s robust in all the right places for a wrinkle-free performance. The mitts’ compact size makes them an excellent tool for honing a fighter’s precision, and they’re perfect for rapid-fire drills when velocity is the objective. With a grip ball for enhanced control and stability, the EVA foam structure is contoured to fit the wearer’s hand.

Size: Standard

Color: Maroon, Black

M33 Coaching Mitts

These Curved Coaching Mitts may be small in appearance, but they can take a lot of hits and still perform well. The innovative grip ball, which has an anti-slip S-shaped inner surface, fits precisely in your hand to assist against impact and diffuse shock throughout the focus pad. The Z-tech quick-drying, anti-slip fabric and durable PU leather-striking surface make it ideal for training. During a mitt session, the EVA foam provides unrivalled impact resistance, preventing bruising and injury. The wrist foam offers support and ensures a secure fit. But all that protection doesn’t mean you’ll overheat; the breathable mesh will keep you cool while keeping you dry. The high-density foam gives the most cushioning for the least amount of weight making them the perfect mitts for any combat sport.

Size: Standard

Color: Black

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