Best Family Tracker App for Android Phone

The android smartphones are most commonly used digital devices that are in use globally. All the young and old earn their hands on such devices for the accomplishment of their assignments and objectives.  

The phones are used in the household by the kids and spouses, and it is observed that kids have been facing so many issues due to using android phones.

The most widely raised concern is the happening of criminal activities with the kids and teens by the cyber criminals. The criminals find the kids vulnerable due to their usage of mobile phone without any supervision.

It is observed that the kids that face such issues of cyber bullying and harassment are most probably those about whom the parents don’t pay much attention for their monitoring.

The kids using unsupervised phones get in touch with the cyber criminals and get to develop a relation that ultimately come to ruin their comfort mentally and socially. 

So, it is parents’ utmost responsibility to ensure a strict mechanism of monitoring so that the kids won’t suffer in this digital age. The best solution for ensuring the kids safety is the use of android tracker app.

The android tracker app can be installed to the phones of all the family members to know what is the actual pattern of activities in the leisure time. A large number of family guardians reported that they have ensure the safety and protection of their family through using android tracker apps.

There are a plenty of android tracker apps that claim to serve the needs of family guardians in monitoring their family member i.e. kids and spouses, for protecting them. 

The best in this business, in spying on the activities of the target users is TheOneSpy. The service is truly state of the art and serves all the expectations of the parents and guardians in serving their monitoring interest. 

The android tracker app can be installed on the target android device after the purchase of subscription of the spy app. The spy app can be installed on the target android device subject to the physical access to the target device only once. 

A number of apps claim installation service without physical access, but they offer nothing at all, and they have nothing more than speculation. 

TheOneSpy offers state of the art monitoring features that were not offered by any service previously. The android tracker app does all the spying without posing any hint to the target user, and always works in stealth mode.  

The significant offerings of the spy app are as follows.

Tracking real-time location 

The location of the target user can be identified at any point of time using the spy app. The app maintains a log of all the movement taken up by the target user. This logs reflects the movement in the form of a map. 

This is an added layer to the security of the target user, if the target user is not getting reached out, the feature can be used to locate the child’s real-time location, and the parent can ensure ultimate safety in this manner. 

Website blocking 

A number of websites that are prone to have access of the cyber criminals can be blocked all the way. The websites that are blocked, cannot be accessed from the target device, until they are unblocked by the end-user. 

Phone calls recording and listening

The phone calls made or received over the target android device can be monitored by all means using phone tracker app. 

The calls can be monitored for all the communication while they are made, the edn-user can listen to these calls remotely, the calls can be recorded and saved for later reference as well. 

The keylogger

This feature has not been furnished by any service earlier. The app identifies the passwords of all the installed application on the target android device. In this way, the parent can view all the activities over all the installed application by logging in to these apps. 


The best family tracker app for android devices is presented. The working and installation of the android tracker app is discussed. The app is TheOneSpy, which can address all the concerns of the parents and guardians.