5 Best Equipment for Demolition and Scrap Handling

Demolition work is tearing down buildings or taking apart structures with measured and planned methods to make space for newer construction. The existence of a structure after the service life period is hazardous to the building’s residents and the people in its immediate vicinity. 

Demolition is a dangerous process and requires the perfect tools to carry it out successfully. The best method for demolition is figured out after a building survey, after which the right type of equipment and tools are decided upon for the demolition. Equipment usually used for demolition projects are excavators, hammers, bulldozers, and wrecking balls. In some cases, explosives like dynamite are also used for quicker demolition. Demolition work generates huge amounts of scrap that must be cleared before new construction activities occur. Scrap handling requires machinery and attachments that enable the machinery to carry out the tasks effectively. 

We compiled a list of 5 essential types of machinery required for demolition and scrap handling.  

1) Excavators

Excavator machinery has versatile uses that are a crucial part of the construction, demolition, and scrap handling projects. The primary function of an excavator is digging soil and rocks. The excavator operates on a hydraulic system and is controlled by an operator from a cab, popularly known as the ‘house’. Several special attachments available for excavators enable them to carry out other tasks besides excavation. The most suitable special attachments for an excavator to carry out demolition and scrap handling operations are: 

a) Excavator with rock breaker

The rock breaker attachment for an excavator is designed to transform it into a demolition machine. Hydraulic rock breakers can easily demolish rock, concrete, and other construction materials. Excavators with rock breaker attachments are employed to demolish multi-story buildings to smaller construction sites. Generally, standard hydraulic excavators can be the preferred choice for demolishing small structures, whereas long-reach excavators offer the wide-reach advantage to demolish larger structures comfortably. 

b) Excavator with orange grapple

Grapples are the most common and versatile attachments for scrap handling. Excavators with orange grapple special attachments can carry out scrap handling activities efficiently. An orange grapple consists of four or more tines. These grapples can comfortably pick up a wide range of loose scraps after a demolition project. Orange grapple special attachments also offer 360-degree rotation. This special attachment cannot effectively handle smaller scraps. Equipment attachments like magnets or machinery-like crushes can effectively dispose of smaller scraps.

2) Dozers 

A bulldozer, also known as the dozer, is a powerful piece of earthmoving equipment for pushing earth or rocks. Along with demolition, bulldozers are also used in road construction, farming, civil construction, and mining. A bulldozer consists of a heavy claw mounted on the front of a tractor. The heavy plate can move up and down through hydraulic rams. A dozer can also move large amounts of scrap post demolition to clear the site. 

3) Skid steer loaders

Skid-steer loaders are tyre-mounted, small-sized construction machinery commonly used on construction sites with space restrictions. The lift arms of the skid steer are designed to latch onto several attachments, including special attachments that assist in demolishing flooring, concrete and other construction materials.

4) Compact track loaders

Compact track loaders are mechanically similar to skid steer loaders but have tracks instead of wheels, allowing them to have greater weight distribution over a larger surface area. These machines can dig, load and carry heavy material with ease. 

5) Backhoe loaders

Backhoes are suitable for small-scale demolition projects. Backhoe loaders have a bucket at the front and a claw at the back that is used for the demolition of concrete and other construction materials. 

Final thoughts: 

Depending on the size of the demolition project, this demolition equipment can effectively carry out the task of demolition and scrap work. Demolition is a complex process, and all equipment should be selected after a thorough site analysis. 

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