Best EMR Systems For Chiropractic Specialists!

Frankly speaking, our words are not ineffaceable. If we are sharing just two of all chiropractic solutions, that means we think these two are the best as per user reviews. But, it doesn’t mean you should stick to it. If you feel these solutions don’t meet your set criteria, you can skip these and continue your quest for the best-suitable chiropractic solutions to streamline your practice. But, for now, we will focus on Chirotouch software and ChartLogic EMR, for these are the highly-used and most-in-demand chiropractic EMR solutions. 

ChartLogic EHR Software

ChartLogic is a reputable electronic health records solution bundled with practice management and revenue cycle services. It is filled to the brim with intuitive clinical capabilities and functionalities for attaining better clinical outcomes. Its services are created by keeping in mind the requirements of both patients and care professionals to find a center ground. This cloud-based solution can be accessed anywhere and is easy to personalize. Additionally, it allows for creating SOAP notes within 90 sec, improving the effectiveness of patient encounters. 

This healthcare vendor is run by the best brains of the world who work by deriving the best out of all clinical aspects. Its developers are at the top of their game and work consistently to add intuitive elements to its products. ChartLogic EMR complements the clinical procedures with its range of services with its executive leadership. Also, it believes in transparent financial procedures and thus keeps the clients updated on their payment balances and claims submission rate. All this leads to the effective running of medical processes.

Product Assortment

ChartLogic offers all the features a chiropractor needs for dealing with clinical intricacies. Its product range encompasses fully-integrated tools and services embedded in the clinical workflow. It not only handles the in-office tasks but also allows for managing the administrative ones that indirectly affect patient care services. So, while considering it, the practitioners should know that they are opting for an all-inclusive EHR platform that can provide them definitive assistance whenever needed. 

ChartLogic features range falls into four categories with sub-divided tools and services. The details are as follows:

Electronic Health Records:


Notes Template Builder

Voice Dictation

Patient Portal

Practice Management:

Appointment Scheduler

Claims Center

Collections Center


Revenue Cycle Canagement:




Managed IT:

Help Desk Support

EHR Support

Cloud Services

Free IT Systems Assessment

ChartLogic Software Reviews:

Reviews of ChartLogic EHR say many positive things about this clinical platform. The most commonly stated review is the training resources and online guidance service of the vendor. It enables medical professionals to create personalized and intuitive workflows with step-by-step guidance. Its state-of-the-art revenue cycle management services improve the financial bottom line of practices. The cherry on the top, it offers an all-in-one dashboard that empowers users to get a clearer view of role-based tasks assigned to the employees. 

Chirotouch EMR Software:

Chirotouch software is an effective EHR solution designed explicitly for chiropractors to lessen their workload. It aims to enhance the patient care provided by featuring impressive features and services. It allows for faster bills processing, HIPAA compliant clinical documentation, notes retrieval, patient records management, and more without affecting the overall workflow. In addition, Chirotouch software cuts down the clinical expenses with digitized facilities and relatively low-priced monthly subscription packages. 

Customer support of Chirotouch software is quite responsive and helpful for chiropractic specialists. With over 20 years of experience, this vendor understands how to nurture a healthy clinical environment for patients. And thus, it assists professionals in engaging and retaining patients. The platform seeks continuous improvement in its offered services by staying ahead of technological advancements. This way, it provides its users with innovative services to accomplish productive patient outcomes. Its expert advisors enrich practices with meaningful data insights. 

Product Assortment:

Chirotouch software features a vast range of intuitive tools and services that offer a big deal for chiropractors. It relieves them of extensive clinical workload by giving them a hand. Managing bills, filing claims, processing documents, and storing patient records is now way easier with the remarkable features of Chirotouch software. This clinical solution scores the ground when it comes to getting hands-on all exclusive functionalities at one comprehensive platform. It has it all a practitioner needs to maintain a smooth clinical workflow. 

Let’s explore the Chirotouch software features to understand how effective this EHR platform is in real-time situations. 

Electronic Health Record:

Cloud data access

Compliant SOAP notes in seconds

Online appointment and scheduling

All-in-one charting provider screen

Patient management

Customizable macros

Diagnostic codes

Practice Management:

Practice dashboard and reporting

HIPAA compliant documentation processing

Integrated payment processing for care plans and subscriptions

Ledger, invoicing, and receipts

Superbills, CMS-1500

Revenue Cycle:

Full claim cycle management

Electronic claim submission

Auto-updated claim status

Claims worklist

ERA auto-posting

Reports and charts to track performance

Billing and support from a single vendor

Additional Services:

Patient engagement

Insurance Eligibility

Digital intake forms

Customer help desk

Training resources

Real-time secure data back-up and unlimited file storage

Chirotouch Software Reviews:

Chirotouch software reviews have only good things to say about it. The overall optimistic outlook surrounding this solution urges providers to opt for this solution. Built for Chiropractic specialists, this system comes with an easy-to-use interface. It comes with navigating MIPS consulting capabilities for enhancing clinical performance. Reviews of Chirotouch software illustrate it allows for customizable workflows and offers fully integrated solutions and practice management functionalities. Also, it provides budget-friendly plans for all medical professionals. 

ChartLogic VS Chirotouch Software: Which is Better? 

It entirely depends on your needs. We can’t decide on which software suits you best without knowing your requirements and the set merits of clinical performance. Both solutions are best in what they offer, but you have to consider a few things like features. Pricing, business level, reviews, and stuff like that for making a beneficial decision. 

We recommend you take an inside look at the functioning of both solutions by scheduling a demo. If you can’t do that, at least read the reviews of Chirotouch software and the other one to learn which vendor entails a high customer satisfaction rate.