Best Colored Contact Lens

Are you looking for the best cosmetic lenses readily available in Pakistan?

When talking about contact lenses, there are multiple options available for people to choose from. But, the challenging part is to figure out whether the brand you select is reliable or not? Of course, we can’t afford to take even a slight risk when a pretty sensitive organ like an eye is involved.

Therefore, we recommend going for the renowned and trustworthy brands that commit to providing absolute eye protection. Bella contact lens has been one of the prominent lens brands operating in Pakistan for quite a long time. However, a few more brands offer high-quality and safe eye lenses.

Groom Yourself Like You Deserve

Whether you are a male or a female, it is your absolute right to be and look like the best version of yourself. It’s not about changing your personality but improving it in the best possible way. It is not a good idea to stay lazy or careless when your physical appearance.

Each part of our personality requires proper care. Whether your body is going out of shape, facing hair issues, skin issues, or tired of wearing spectacles, seek out the best solution. Personality is the thing that stays with you at all times, and it is up to you whether you make an impact from that or be ordinary.

Pay Attention to Your Eyes

They can be a game stealer if you take care of them when it comes to eyes. However, it is essential to pick the right products that enhance the looks and are safe for the eyes. Wearing cosmetic lenses that fit your skin tone and facial features is a quick yet most accessible way to nail the looks.

Of course, suggesting buying the best product for the eyes is easy, but the main question is can you afford a good lenses brand or not?

Advice is the only thing that comes entirely free, and we all get it no matter we welcome it or not. And today! We have come up with the best trustworthy yet affordable brand, while that’s Dahab.

Dahab Lenses

Dahab is one of the leading cosmetic lens brands that doesn’t cost too high, unlike many other lenses. Also, it is available in both plain and colored shades that you can pick as per your individual need.

When talking about Dahab lenses price in Pakistan, it is available in two ranges: Dahab gold lenses and Dahab platinum lenses.

Dahab Gold Collection

Dahab gold collection offers eleven captivating shades that can change your entire look as soon as you put them on. Depending on your skin tone and liking, you can pick your favorite pair from their gold collection.

The most amazing part that we are to explore here is its price that is quite reasonable that anyone can afford easily.

Dahab gold collection offers the finest quality cosmetic lenses comfy and safe to wear at 2800 PKR in Pakistan. However, if you’re looking to buy plain transparent lenses to avoid wearing lenses, that too is available at Dahab that are pretty comfy and safe to wear.

Dahab Platinum Collection

As the name suggests, Dahab platinum is the elite collection offered by Dahab that comes with limited shades and a slightly higher price.

However, there is not a huge price difference, and it’s just you can say a difference between a basic and luxury collection. The platinum range is available in five exciting and appealing shades for 3300 PKR.


It is a rightful right to spend on our personality to enhance looks. Wearing nice clothes, shoes, and accessories comes secondary, while first is the looks. If you look good, whatever you carry, it will stand out.

The right and affordable cosmetic lenses have the power to magnify the overall personality most classically. However, in Pakistan, Dahab is one of the prominent names for quality and pricing.