A car cover protects your car against damage. If you can’t store your car in a garage, a car cover is a great line of defense against Mother Nature and the things that can get thrown at your car, from bird droppings, sap or even hail. Indoor car covers protect your car against dust and kitty prints when your car is the garage. Custom car covers are ideal for luxury, sports and collectible vehicles that need additional protection in the parking lot. When dealing with the weather on the east coast, you want a car cover that protects against sun, humidity and wind.                             

 What Makes Certain Materials Better For Humidity?

Car covers are made to be breathable. You may think you want a waterproof car cover, because you don’t want water getting through the material to your car. The problem is that a waterproof cover traps the moisture under the cover. Over time, this moisture can lead to corrosion or mold. A breathable car cover lets condensation evaporate quickly, reducing the time your car is exposed to moisture. Woven polyester or the WeatherShield® HP fabrics are great choices for the east coast weather, because these fabrics are excellent protectors against the elements, including the sun’s UV rays.

The Top Features to Look For in a Car Cover

If you’re shopping for a car cover, the most important thing is that it fits your vehicle. If it doesn’t fit well, regardless of how expensive it is, it won’t protect your car from the elements. You want a waterproof material with breathable fabric. An elastic hem makes it easier to conform to the car. Anchoring straps and cover clamps keep the car cover installed no matter how strong the winds blow. Check the warranty and return policy, just for your peace of mind.

 Always Ensure Your Car Cover Is Installed Properly

A car cover that isn’t installed correctly won’t protect your car. Every car cover will have specific directions for installation, but most have similar methods. Find the front of the fleece lined waterproof car cover, place it on the front of the car and secure it. Carefully pull the cover over the rest of the car. Secure the cover. When removing the car cover, you want to remove any dirt and debris before folding it up. Don’t just tear the cover off the car and shove it in the bag. Remove the anchor straps. Fold each side of the cover toward the roof of the car. Fold it up from the rear bumper to the front. You want to try to keep the inner lining as clean as possible, because the grit on the lining can scratch your car. Get in the habit of folding and unfolding the car cover the same way each time, because it will make it easier to use it whenever you need it.

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