Benefits Of Daily Health Supplements: Vitamins & Minerals You Should Take 

So many times, even after taking a balanced diet, deficiency of some essential elements in our body occurs and results in many unwanted problems. Ensure the availability of major elements that need to include some additional substances in our daily diet called health supplements. In today’s busy lifestyle health supplements have become a vital part of our daily routine. 

Why do we need Health Supplements? What are their significance?

There are so many crucial functions of health supplements we do not recognize like as

  • Regulating our metabolism 
  • Repairing and healing of injured cells and tissues
  • keeping cells and tissues healthy
  • Balancing our endocrine system to ensure normal hormonal functions
  • preparing the body to face pollution and conditions like stress and trauma
  • Making the body’s internal environment healthy 
  • Keeping skin and hair healthy and beautiful 
  • Make muscles and bones strong, etc.

Now the question arises, what are Vitamins and Minerals? How are they beneficial for a healthy life?

Vitamins and minerals cover crucial parts of any health supplement. Vitamins and minerals are available to us from many natural and synthetic sources. Apart from consuming them regularly, it is necessary to take the right amount of them.

Vital Vitamins

  • Vitamin A

Very important for healthy vision and skin, it is a fat-soluble vitamin, and its Daily requirement is 700 mcg (females) and 900 mcg(males).

  • Vitamin B complex

It is a family of vitamins known as B1, B 3, B5, B12, Folic acid, and Biotin. All the members of this family are water-soluble, that’s why regular intake of vitamin B complex is essential to ensure the health of the Gut and blood.

  • Vitamin C

Every Citrus fruit consists of this antioxidant Vitamin. A daily intake is highly recommended by doctors so that you get good immunity, healthy hair, and wrinkle-free skin 

  • Vitamin D

A health supplement with an accurate dose of Vitamin D is an excellent choice if you want healthy bones, teeth, Muscles, Endocrine system with high immunity. Its role is vital in calcium absorption.

  • Vitamin E

Popularly known as a beauty vitamin, it is highly effective in fighting with free radicals and reducing cell injuries. Health Supplements enriched with Vitamin E should be your choice to maintain a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

  • Vitamin K 

Good health of blood and bone is the responsibility of Vitamin K, a daily dosage of 10mg/day promises you both. 

Magical Minerals

According to various health reports, minerals are vital to maintaining electrolyte balance and the electric potential in the body so that the function of muscles and other organs goes smoothly.

  • Calcium

Available in calcium phosphate, citrate, and oxalate, this mineral helps us in good nerve health, blood circulation, Bones, and Muscle health. Especially in the growing stages and during menopause. calcium, daily intake is necessary, it’s 1000-1200 mg/day.

  • Magnesium

Being an Important Macro element of the body, it not only regulates bio enzymes magnesium but ensures control of sugar and blood pressure as well.

  • Zinc

Either you should take a lot of beans, fish, and meats every day or choose a health supplement with enough zinc to help your immunity stay stronger and give you a good memory, sexual health, and coping with aging issues.

  • Iron

Iron is well known for combating anemia and providing good blood health. It also strengthens muscles and helps in cognitive function. Especially in females at the time of puberty, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause it requires the most.

  • Selenium

A wonderful microelement known for its cancer-combating properties, it can be obtained from various organic and inorganic sources. A selenium-rich health supplement also helps you to get good immunity, and a healthy heart, nails, and hair.

  • Chromium

We Can get a daily requirement of this from 2 cups of broccoli, 4 cups of potato, or even three glasses of red wine, or select a good health supplement and one spoonful of which will give you a sufficient amount of chromium to ensure a healthy heart, Gut and sugar control.

Health supplements are so easy to opt for, and your one wise selection makes your health goals achievable. Ample health supplements are there, formulated with organic and inorganic sources and having enough vitamins and minerals. Just take one or two scoops of health supplements and you are ready to combat stress.