Benefits of CBD Oils For Cats

CBD oil has shown proven results in fighting many health issues in cats. But the most common is the feeling of anxiety which can easily be overcome by using CBD oil. 

If you are wondering,“does CBD help anxiety in cats?” The answer is yes. CBD oil has many medical uses and is known to control emotions such as anxiety in cats. The endocannabinoid system in cats controls their emotions and mental state. CBD affects this system and helps to calm them. This calming sensation helps them to overcome anxiety or any negative feeling. CBD or cannabidiol is an effective and natural way to control anxiety for cats.

Moreover, there are other benefits of using CBD oil, including the following:

It helps in Relieving Pain

CBD oils are known to relieve pain in both humans and animals. It acts as a pain reliever for your cat and can provide faster healing. It works best when your pet is undergoing surgery. This oil will help your cat recover faster and overcome the pain. Since CBD is anti-inflammatory in nature, it is known to treat chronic pain and cure infections. 

It Eases Anxiety and Depression

Cats are very reserved animals, and they have the nature of feeling anxious most of the time. Many pet owners use CBD oil for their cats to help them overcome anxiety. But does CBD help anxiety in cats? Yes, it indeed does. It triggers the adenosine and serotonin in the brain and reduces fear which causes stress. 

It Reduces Effects of Skin Conditions

Cats like to roam around and are more prone to catching skin diseases, which are common in most pets. In that case, CBD oil helps maintain your cat’s healthy and soft skin, reduces the effects of any skin condition, and prevents catching any skin ailment.

Overcoming Seizures and Arthritis

If your cat has anxiety for a longer period of time, your cat may face panic attacks or seizures that can become severe if not stopped. CBD oil helps with anxiety and stops having any seizure attacks. Arthritis is a common medical condition in animals that causes joint pain and restricts movement. CBD oil can also treat arthritis and helps to improve faster.

Curing Other Conditions

CBD oil can reduce swelling caused by any hurt or surgery and is known to remove discomfort of any kind. As it releases a chemical that affects the brain, the body doesn’t feel the pain and provides comfort. Your cat will be happy more often and enjoy a better life. Adding Cannabidiol-infused oil to your cat’s daily life will improve the overall health and the tendency to resist diseases. 

What Dosage Should be Given?

It is recommended to consult your veterinarian about the doses of CBD before starting to give it to your cat. The recommended dose is 1-5 mg for a typical 8-10 pound cat. It is important to note that CBD oil has no toxicity and is safe to use. 

You should give your cat doses in small quantities and observe the effects. The effects start within one hour of taking CBD; if it doesn’t affect much, you can increase the dose. If the results start showing in the first time itself, you may reduce the intake for the next time. Once you find the right amount of dose to be given, your cat will be calmer, energetic, and anxiety-free.fdoes cbd help anxiety in cats