Benefits of adding organic rice to your diet

Food is the most essential part of one’s life. Your food gives  nutrition to your body. It provides you energy for growth and repair, and also keeps your immune system strong and  healthy. Food also decides one’s vibe. If someone is eating junk food too much then that person would feel lazy and dizzy all day but if one is consuming proper nutritious and healthy food , then that person would feel energetic and fresh. 

There are many different varieties of food. Pulses, vegetables, non-veg etc. All the food items are important in themselves. For example, if you need proteins you should eat more eggs. 

Today in this article we will share the importance of organic rice with you all. As we all know that rice is the staple food of half of the Indian population. Therefore, it is very crucial to have correct information about it. Variety of rice is being consumed by a variety of people. Rice is available in different forms. We usually eat white or brown rice at home but  now it’s the time to explore more variants of rice and add them to your diet. All variants of rice are different from one another, have different properties and aroma which make them unique. 

Here is a list of 7 types of rice:

Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is used mostly by Asian households. They provide the perfect aroma and exotic accent to dishes. They become soft and sticky when cooked properly. They are cultivated in Thailand mainly. 

Bamboo Rice

Bamboo rice is a special kind of rice as it  is made from bamboo shoots. They are not available easily at your nearby grocery stores. Although they are unavailable many times, they are very nutritious and taste yummy. 

Wild Rice

Wild rice is typical for the United States. It is very uncommon in India. They are made of a type of grass, found in regions where there is availability of wild grasses. They are high protein rice. They are colourful from outside but when cooked properly, the white rice grains show up. They are available online more than in offline stores. 

Basmati Rice

The most popular and everyone’s favourite rice in India is Basmati rice. Whether it’s diwali or eid everyone uses basmati in India for any festival or any special occasion. The grains of basanti rice are pretty good in length. They are lightweight rice and are white in colour. They are available easily in your nearby stores. 

Black Rice 

One of the most expensive types of rice is black rice. Traditionally, there was a belief in China that only the upper class could consume black rice. They are unique and delicious. One should try them at least once in their lifetime. They are available in markets as well as online. 

 Brown Rice

 We all have heard of brown rice. They are pleasant in taste. These are very healthy and most health conscious people use them in their diets. They have low calories and are filled with vitamins and minerals. They’re light to eat and easily available in markets. 

Organic rice

Nowadays, organic food is in high demand due to increased consciousness for health and environment.  Similarly, the demand for organic rice has increased immensely. Organic rice is highly nutritious as it contains adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial components. 

An Indian meal is incomplete without rice. Rice is the most important part of any Indian meal. But rice can be proven harmful at times. Therefore, people have started opting for organic rice as it has many benefits, whether it be brown or white. 

5 benefits of organic rice are given below. 

Helps in weight loss

Organic rice is rich in fiber, protein, magnesium, calcium etc. Especially brown organic rice. It helps to improve metabolism. People who wanna lose weight should go for brown organic rice. They are available online as well as in markets easily.

Helps in controlling diabetes 

People who have diabetes have to follow a very strict diet. Organic brown rice can help them to improve. Brown organic rice has a low glycaemic index which helps in reducing the insulin spikes. 

Helps in formation of healthy cholesterol 

Brown rice has many properties. One of them is that it provides 80% of daily required manganese content if a person is having a cup of it. This helps in producing healthy fatty acids which later results in healthy forms of cholesterol. 

Helps in controlling heart diseases

A person who consumes brown or organic rice regularly has better heart condition. Organic rice has a substance called Selenium which is essential in reducing heart diseases. People with heart diseases should switch to brown or organic rislce immediately. 

Helps in digestion

Organic rice is famous for its property of easing digestion. White organic rice is suggested for digestion. It also helps in burning out the calories. 

Organic rice is available online as well as in markets. But sometimes markets get short of organic rice. Therefore, online is the best option. If you are also thinking of buying organic rice then this is the moment for you. Go for a better, healthy and light weight diet now. You will get many offers while ordering your brown/white organic rice.