In a rally that was held 21st of October to campaign for Joe Biden using the word”Beijing Barry” has left numerous people wondering what that actually means and here we will be describing the meaning of the phrase Beijing Barry.

Barack Obama made the statement that if he possessed a secret Chinese bank accounts he’d have been known as Beijing Barry.

What does it mean

Beijing is obviously as many would know the capital of China. As for Barry from the film Barry that was created in 2016 Barack Obama was called Barry before he was called Barack Obama. So this is probably what was meant with the former president as he had been mocking Donald trump.

During his speech in Philadelphia, Obama referenced the recently discovered fact that Donald Trump has a secret bank account in China, as reported by the New York Times.

Obama joked about the news and the reaction that outlets like Fox News would have had if he were the one with a Chinese bank account.

With a wry smile, Obama said: “Can you imagine if I had a secret bank account in China when I was running for re-election?”

“Do you think Fox News might have been a little concerned about that?” Obama joked: “They would have called me ‘Beijing Barry.’


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