Beginners Guide on How to Unlink IG Account

Running numerous Instagram profiles is not unusual. However, after using that account, you might find that you need to remove one of those accounts from your Instagram for a variety of reasons, such as your Instagram-famous pet passing, the failure of a quote page to attract many viewers, or the simple need to take a break from Instagram life and concentrate on something else. Additionally, deleting unnecessary Instagram profiles is not at all difficult.

  • Benefits of Knowing How to Unlink Multiple Instagram Accounts?

If, for instance, you’ve been utilizing Instagram for a while, then, for simple social media platform administration, you may have connected your several Instagram accounts to a single login or Instagram app on a single device.

Previously, the Instagram app allowed users to link their accounts to a single login to switch between accounts, log in and out, and manage their profiles from a single Instagram app and platform. But they have now taken away this functionality. It is not feasible to use a single login to access numerous Instagram accounts; instead, a new, more secure function has been added for the convenience of Instagram account holders.

Users can now move between the accounts safely thanks to a new replacement that enables the owner of an Instagram account to log in to several profiles on one Instagram app and device.

The Instagram app has eliminated prior anxieties by allowing users to utilize the same functions as utilizing numerous accounts with a single login without precisely having the same login credentials. Even if it’s advantageous to link your Instagram accounts, you may choose to unlink them for more secure access.

  • Step By Step of How to Unlink an Instagram Account

Follow these instructions to learn How to Unlink IG account from your mobile Instagram app.

1. Launch the Instagram app and log into your account on your smartphone.

2. Tap on your profile photo in the bottom right corner of the icon bar below your screen on your Instagram account, which leads to your Home Feed, to access the Profile tap.

3. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of your Instagram account user profile page to see a menu list.

4. Tap Settings, which is the first option in the rows of icons in the menu that pops up from the bottom of the screen.

5. Tap Login Info under Settings on the new screen. Although, you should note that if you didn’t see the Login Info option, your many accounts aren’t properly connected, and you’re not utilizing a single login. You wouldn’t need to unlink them in this scenario. Technically, you don’t have a single login for your Instagram accounts if you can’t see the Login Info, which indicates you’re probably signed into two Instagram accounts from one device.

6. On the new screen with the list of accounts, after choosing the Login Info tap, press the three horizontal dots next to the Instagram account you wish to unlink the profile from.To unlink and delete the Instagram account you want from the open menu, tap Remove.

You have now permanently disconnected the desired Instagram account. 

Due to constant notifications from various users, managing two or more Instagram accounts at once can occasionally get very annoying. Additionally, sometimes you forget which account you are presently signed into and accidentally send a message from a different account. Therefore, it is advisable to delete inactive Instagram accounts using the above guide on How to Unlink IG account to avoid these misunderstandings.