Lots To Think About

Let’s get this out of the way first: you can read about being an astronaut, you can ingest all the science fiction there is, you can carefully comb through all associated news pieces or other non-fiction literature. But until you go to space, you can never know what it’s really like to be an astronaut. Being a parent is the same.

Those people who say they’re “puppy parents” don’t know what they’re talking about. Human beings are sentient, and some children achieve self-awareness while still in diapers. That means mischief. You were a child once, think back to the varying capers you were involved with. Now consider this: your parents were maturing even as they raised you to maturity.

No, there’s no possible way to truly understand parenthood, until you become a parent. However, you can set yourself up for success. Try to get a secure living environment prior pregnancy; a good home, reliable income, and a dependable spouse. Set up the baby’s room, get food and clothes and diapers, take a few parental classes, and get advice from relatives.

Also, give yourself a few medical resources and support networks as well. These will be the chief concern of this writing. While having the best possible medical help isn’t any sort of guarantee, it can definitely help ease this life-changing transition.

Get Checked Out By An OB/GYN

First things first: before you get pregnant, you’ll want to find a gynecologist you trust. They can help you know where you’re at in terms of general reproductive health as a woman. When you get pregnant, check with that gynecological obstetrician. As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll have regular meetings which increase in frequency until the birth.

There are feminine health issues that develop once you’ve delivered the baby as well which similarly recommend the assistance of an OB/GYN. If you’re in Rockwall, the best OB/GYN might just be the office in the link.

If you’re not, the link could serve as a template to help you find the right professional. Regardless, you want an OB/GYN of some stripe during your pregnancy.

Getting Help Through A Lactation Consultant

Nursing your newborn should be very straightforward, but sometimes it’s not. Babies don’t always form an easy latch. When they do, your breasts don’t always act as they should. You can express too much or too little, breasts can become engorged, milk ducts can become blocked. Some mothers have no trouble whatever. Many have a few issues.


It would be very wise to secure the help of an online lactation consultant in advance. You may never need what they have to offer, but it’s better to have such help without it being necessary, than to need it and not be able to find it. So at minimum, find lactation consultants you can trust as a resource in advance.

Professional Help From Parental Groups Who Understand

Another really important resource will be varying parental support groups. These can help you understand what sort of things are “normal”, which things are “abnormal”, and what strategies will best serve you as a new mother.

Strong Steps In Preparation For Pregnancy And Parenthood

When you’ve secured the services of a trusted OB/GYN, a lactation consultant, and support networks full of new friends and parents who have been through what you’re in the middle of, you’re likely to have a much less difficult pregnancy, and an easier time being a parent going forward. There are no guarantees, and surprises will develop. Even so, preparation is best.