Every year, homeowners are caught unprepared for hot summer weather. The AC worked fine last year, so there didn’t seem to be a compelling reason to call an AC repair company. Now, the temperatures are in the 90s and the AC won’t work. To avoid that problem, take time now to contact an AC expert to determine when to schedule routine maintenance to ensure the system works when those warm days roll around again.

How Did the System Work Last Year?

While scheduling routine maintenance every year is recommended, calling a specialist to get AC repairs is crucial if the system exhibited any problems last year. Odd noises, uneven cooling, or high utility bills all suggest a need to contact an HVAC professional for help now. Doing so allows easy service scheduling to ensure the system is ready to go when it’s needed again.

When Was the Last Time the System Was Serviced?

If the system wasn’t serviced last year, it’s time to prepare for the next cooling season. Every AC system requires specific maintenance annually to ensure it runs correctly and keeps the home cool and comfortable. Technicians use a checklist to make sure they cover all the bases during a routine maintenance call. If problems are uncovered, they’ll report them to the homeowner and suggest possible solutions.

Can Homeowners Service Their Home’s AC System?

The short answer is yes. There are some things a homeowner can do to keep an AC system functioning correctly. They include replacing or cleaning the air filters at least once per month, removing debris around the exterior portion of the system, and cleaning the interior unit’s components. However, those are basic maintenance chores and won’t generally uncover significant problems with a system. So, learn to complete a few basic cleaning chores between visits from an AC technician, but always schedule a service call by a professional before the summer heat arrives.

Why Professional Service is a Must

Technicians check items homeowners are not equipped or trained to evaluate. The most important thing is checking the refrigerant level, as too much or too little refrigerant prevents a system from functioning correctly. The experts check for leaks and properly repair them.

Next, the technician checks the home’s duct system for issues and repairs problems or recommends other solutions when a minor fix won’t eliminate a problem. For example, if your home has areas that don’t cool to a comfortable level, a duct issue is commonly the cause. The tech will discuss the problem with the homeowner so an appropriate solution is reached.

An HVAC system includes numerous electrical components. The tech checks each item to ensure it functions correctly and takes care of routine maintenance like cleaning and tightening connections and coating them with a non-conductive coating when required.

Contact an Expert for Service Now

Now is the time to call an HVAC expert to discuss when and how to schedule routine maintenance for heating and cooling appliances. They’ll discuss your system’s needs and recommend a service schedule to match. Taking care of routine maintenance saves money, as utility costs are reduced, and many serious repairs are avoided. Rather than waiting for a problem to develop, be proactive and take steps now to eliminate those problems before they cause a system failure.