Bathroom Trends 2023: What’s In and What’s Out

Mosman is renowned for its high property values. In 2023, the median house price was around $5.15 million, while the median unit price was approximately $1.3 million. The suburb’s real estate market has historically shown resilience and consistent growth. In Mosman, homeowners are keen on maintaining the prestige and value of their properties. Understanding the latest bathroom design trends for 2023 can be pivotal in bathroom renovations in Mosman while aligning with the discerning tastes of Mosman’s residents. This article explores the latest bathroom trends while bidding farewell to outdated ideas, from colours and materials to fixtures and layouts.

In: Natural and Earthy Tones

In 2023, bathrooms are embracing nature-inspired colour palettes. Earthy tones such as warm beiges, soft greens, and serene blues are taking centre stage. These colours create a soothing atmosphere, bringing a sense of tranquillity and connection to the outdoors. Whether through painted walls, tiles, or natural wood accents, the trend is about harmonising with nature.

Out: Stark White Bathrooms

The days of sterile, all-white bathrooms are fading. While white remains a classic choice for bathroom fixtures, it’s often paired with warmer hues and textures to add depth and character to the space.

In: Statement Tiles

Tiles have always been a vital element of bathroom design, but in 2023, they’re making a statement. Bold, intricate patterns and unique shapes are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s Moroccan-inspired encaustic tiles or large-format porcelain slabs, homeowners use tiles to infuse personality and drama into their bathrooms.

Out: Matchy-Matchy Tiles

Gone are the days when every tile had to match perfectly. Mixing and matching different tile styles, shapes, and sizes is the new norm. This trend adds visual interest and creates more creativity in your bathroom design.

In: Smart Technology Integration

Bathrooms are getting smarter in 2023. From motion-activated faucets and LED mirrors with built-in Bluetooth speakers to touchless toilets and brilliant showers that can be controlled via your smartphone, technology is revolutionising the bathroom experience. These innovations enhance convenience and contribute to water and energy efficiency.

Out: Traditional Fixtures

Old-fashioned faucets, showerheads, and toilets that lack intelligent features are falling out of favour. Homeowners are increasingly looking for fixtures that offer advanced functionality and eco-friendliness.

In: Freestanding Tubs

The freestanding bathtub trend is still going strong. These luxurious sculptural pieces add a sense of openness and elegance to any bathroom. Modern freestanding tubs come in various shapes, materials, and sizes to suit design aesthetics.

Out: Built-In Bathtubs

Built-in bathtubs, while functional, are seen as more traditional and less versatile compared to their freestanding counterparts. They can make the bathroom feel cramped, which many homeowners are trying to avoid in 2023.

In: Biophilic Design

Biophilic design principles, which focus on incorporating nature into interior spaces, are gaining popularity in bathrooms. Using natural materials like wood & stone and including indoor plants and large windows to bring in natural light create a serene and rejuvenating environment.

Out: Overly Industrial Aesthetics

The stark industrial look, characterised by exposed pipes and raw materials, is taking a back seat. Homeowners are leaning toward softer, more organic design elements that promote a sense of comfort and well-being.

In: Minimalist and Spa-Like Bathrooms

2023 is all about creating minimalist, spa-like bathrooms that exude serenity. Floating vanities, open shelving, and clean lines are popular choices. The focus is on decluttering and simplifying the space to enhance relaxation.

Out: Ornate and Overly Decorated Bathrooms

Gone are the days of heavy ornamentation and excessive decor. The trend is moving towards a more understated elegance that allows the mind to unwind.


In 2023, the bathroom design landscape has shifted towards natural, sustainable, and technologically advanced spaces. Embracing these trends during bathroom renovations in Mosman can enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and improve functionality and eco-friendliness. So, whether you’re planning a complete bathroom renovation or just a minor update, consider these trends to ensure your bathroom remains stylish and functional in the years to come.