Baggies- Another Fad or is it here to Stay? – Urban Monkey

Who doesn’t want to carry a drip along with them? It’s not easy to carry a spark within yourself all the time, but Urban Monkey can help you bring something extra with you 24*7. Now you might be thinking about how right? At Urban Monkey, you can find oversized jeans for women and men and other baggy clothing items that would give you a cool look.

The baggies have taken over the market with stylish clothing options like oversized t-shirts, shirts, streetwear jeans, baggy jeans for women, and much more. The fashion of baggy clothing has been ruled by hip-hop dancers, rappers, artists, sports people, hype beasts, young men, and women. Let’s learn about the history and the current scenario of baggy clothing in the fashion industry.

History of the baggy fashion

The baggy clothing history can be traced to Los Angeles during the 1970s. The rival gangs of Bloods and the Crips initiated this style. At the same time, some say that baggy fashion originated from the hip-hop community.

The skaters of the 1990s have also played a vital role in promoting baggy clothing fashion. Baggy clothing has been believed to allow better air circulation and movement while carrying them for a longer time. Anyone at that time used to buy 90s baggy jeans for men and used to create a much more relaxed and more comfortable look.

During the late ’80s and early ’90s, the clothes were becoming much baggier as you can find no rapper, artist, or dancer wearing fitted clothes. It happened because the baggy clothes were a statement piece for them as they portrayed their cool look and stylish personality.

MC Hammer, Kriss Kross, and many others are the main priors of baggy jeans for men and other baggy clothes. Mainly the baggy clothing style in those times lasted from the 1990s till 2012. After that, the fashion industry took a turn towards skinny articles of clothing, which soon came to an end.

Current scenario of the baggy market

After facing a low market from 2012, the demand for baggy clothing took a turn and jumped in the 2020s. Nowadays, every celebrity and the ordinary person has fallen in love with the baggy fashion trend.

You might have seen Indian celebrities like Deepika Padukone in baggy shirts and fitted jeans during her airport look. Janhvi Kapoor was also spotted in baggy jogger pants and a crop top while traveling. Not only female celebrities but also male celebrities like Ranveer Singh have been wearing baggy clothes several times for parties, casual looks, and other purposes.

With the change in trend and time, things have become much easier, and now you can purchase Streetwear Jeans Online from Urban Monkey, which would give you a fantastic baggy outfit look.

Why have people shifted toward baggy clothing?

You would have observed that people have drastically shifted towards baggy clothing but do you know why? If not, then here are a few reasons which have let the market for baggy clothing grow.

•Baggy clothes are comfortable.

•If you are skinny, you can look bigger with baggy clothes, so buy Baggy Pants For Men from Urban Monkey.

•You can wear your baggy clothes for a longer time as they stay in fashion and even if you gain weight, you can fit into them.

•The most basic and common reason to shift towards baggy clothes is that they give you a cooler and more stylish look than any other outfit.

•If you buy Baggy Pants for Women from Urban Monkey, you can instantly create a hip-hop and rapper look.


The trend of baggies is here to stay, and it’s not a Fad like other trends. It can be seen through the growing need and demand of people for baggy clothing. The oversized baggy clothes have several benefits because people choose this trend over others.