Bad ben game – Please prepare diapers

What are some fun horror games to watch in 2022? Bad ben game is an H5 game with elements of exploration, horror, suspense and puzzle solving. Salute, if you haven’t tried it yet, you might as well read this game preview first.

Bad ben game-plot introduction

“Bad ben” was originally a pseudo-documentary horror film based on an American urban legend. Due to its low cost and low popularity of the director, it was only discussed among some fans.

The film dates back to October 5 , 2016 , and is a small film directed by director Nigel Bach about the protagonist, Tom Riley , who has bought a suburban villa for a bargain at auction, when he arrives by car in the middle of the night. After the villa, a series of incredible and bizarre stories began.

In order to further unravel the hidden secrets of the villa and further clarify the paranormal phenomenon, Tom Riley has set up 21 cameras in different areas of the villa. He began to have a better understanding of the villa’s evil power and the unexpected “dark shadow”, but he didn’t know that the horn that decided his life’s destiny had sounded…

Is Bad ben game scary?

For players who try this game from horror elements, you will experience unexpected surprises. In addition to being able to operate Tom Riley to explore freely in the villa, players also need to solve the puzzle, that is, the classic key finding link to promote the main story. Players will experience hairstands and chills on their backs as they explore further, and cameras will capture incredible paranormal events from unexpected angles. All the player can do is continue to dare to face the camera or the room with movement on the floor, and finally prepare to fight the unknown monster to the end.

If you are a veteran horror game lover, you must be immune to repeated frightening and bloody scenes such as escape and dead space. The real horror of Bad ben is to create a psychological fear. When the player wanders and traverses the room, this camera perspective is always the most depressing fear. The player never knows what will happen after the camera (perspective) is switched. waiting for you.

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