Baby Essentials List for Fall 2022

Fall is the season for hayrides, leaves, campfires outdoors and fun with your little one. The cooler weather and the autumn harvest can give you and your baby more opportunities to bond and enjoy time outside. Babies will also need a new set of essential supplies so they can feel comfortable and happy with the weather changes and other happenings during this festive season. 

What Do You Need for a Fall Baby?

Your baby’s essential supplies for the fall will depend on their age, temperament and your region’s climate during this time of year. If your little one arrives in the fall, you may have to invest in more supplies to keep your baby warm and cozy as the weather gets chilly. Older babies and toddlers may need more supplies for feeding and playing for the fall so they can get plenty of opportunities to practice self-feeding and socializing with other kids. You can also stock up on organic products for babies, such as outfits, supplements and baby food, so you can ensure your child is getting the best.

How Do I Prioritize My Baby’s Health in Fall?

During the fall, your baby’s health should also be a priority. Be sure to keep up with your child’s well visits schedule with their pediatrician and bring your baby to the doctor if there are any concerns. If your baby is struggling with colic, try Wellements gripe water to give them some relief. 

Dress Your Baby for the Weather

You’ll need to add to your baby’s wardrobe collection for the fall weather. Invest in several footed onesie outfits and other items that can help with layering when the temperatures aren’t consistent. Your baby may also need booties, mittens and a hat once the weather gets colder.

Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

Parents need to prepare for the upcoming cold and flu season during the fall. Make sure your baby is getting all of their essential nutrients. Consider a supplement, like magnesium supplements for babies or a multivitamin. Family members should also practice good hand hygiene and stay away from your baby when sick.

Protect Your Baby’s Skin

Colder temperatures and drier air may make your baby’s skin feel chapped, sore and dry. Stock up on lots of diaper rash cream and lotions for your baby’s skin. Make sure lotion and bath products are safe and natural for your child’s sensitive skin.

Offer Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Older babies can start to enjoy some of the bounties of the fall harvest. If your baby is ready, offer fruits and vegetables that are in season this fall. Consider fresh applesauce, pumpkin, sweet potato, cranberries, carrots, turnips and squash. Buy feeding supplies, such as spoons and fruit holders for your baby so they can participate at the table.

Be prepared this fall with baby supplies that put your child’s wellness and happiness first. You and your family can enjoy the fall season with your baby and have fun exploring the outdoors and fall festivities that are abundant during this time of year.