Baba Vanga 2021 Prediction List – What are the predictions for 2021?

Have you heard of Baba Vanga’s prediction list 2021? Do you believe in future predictions? Baba Vanga is the mystic of the world who has predicted so many things and the predictions are 85% accurate or partially correct at times. So what does Baba have to say about 2021? Citizens of the United States are curious to know more. You will soon know! Here we will reveal to you all the mystical predictions and about his life and the predictions that came true. Let’s get started!

Who is Baba Vanga?

Baba Vanga was a blind Bulgarian mystic. Yes, he passed away years ago at the age of 85 in 1996. According to Baba Vanga’s Prediction List 2021, Baba was not famous when he was alive; Instead, he achieved fame four years after his death when one of his predictions came true. And, unbelievably, the mystique has a prediction for each year until 5079! One of the most essential predictions that came true was the September 11 attack on the United States. . He uses metaphors and scrambles words that people have to frame and understand.

What did you predict for 2020?

Baba has some predictions like the virus, and he has also believed that the universe will be destroyed in the next few years. For 2020, she has forecast for the presidents of the United States and Russia. According to Baba Vanga’s 2021 Prediction List, she had predicted that the president would be ill with a disease and a brain tumor. Well, the prediction was partially fulfilled when President Trump contracted the coronavirus, while for the President of Russia she had predicted an assassination threat and that her life could be in danger.

What are the predictions for 2021?

Baba has made a not-so-long list of predictions for 2021, but the news is not that attractive. She has two predictions for 2021: a strong dragon will take over the world, simultaneously three giants will unite. There’s no need to explain the dragon part, but according to Baba Vanga’s Prediction List 2021, three giants will unite sounds like three major countries would. The next prediction says that 2021 still has more disasters to come and that in 2021 the cure for cancer will be discovered.Now, as mentioned, these predictions may or may not come true, so let’s welcome 2021 with a positive mindset.


In general, predictions should be taken carefully, as they show a sign of important events that may occur in the future. You can avoid using the information with care. And at the same time, according to Baba Vanga’s Prediction List 2021, we should not lose hope if the predictions are wrong, as the future keeps changing and no one has seen it. associated with that. Readers are asked to share their views on this news. And also, comment on your plans for the year 2021!