Ayurveda and Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ of the body that covers the entire body and needs a lot of care and attention. Skin is the outer covering also called the epidermis that covers the underlying muscles. 

The skin is composed of millions of tiny orifices called pores that let out natural oils called the sebaceous oil which keeps the skin covered with natural moisture so that the skin is hydrated and protected from the attack of germs and bacterias. 

Ayurvedic skin care products help in maintaining this very same pH of the skin by letting the skin retain its natural oils and moisture but cleansing the skin and nourishing it with natural herbal extracts. 

Unlike cosmetic skin care products, ayurvedic skin care products do not dry the skin and cause problems to  the skin’s texture. They contain no harsh chemicals, therefore, are completely safe for the skin even for those who have sensitive skin that cannot use any skin care products. 

Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips

Ayurveda refers to the skin as being the warrior that protects the body from all kinds of germ infections and attacks. The skin is the outermost layer of the body that has body hair which helps in filtering out the germs and dust and the pores that help in keeping the skin moist by producing natural oils that prevent the germs from attacking the body. 

Our body has these two mechanisms that help in preventing all kinds of infection but unfortunately, modern generation men and women focus on keeping the skin hairless and stripping it off of its natural oils by using cosmetic skin care products such as soaps and other makeup products. 

These products tend to take away the natural skin barrier of the skin and cause them to be vulnerable to the attack from the environment such as dry skin, damaged skin, the sensitivity of the skin, redness and rashes on the skin, acne, and pimples, etc. 

Ayurveda recommends many simple skin care measures that can help in preventing all such damages to the skin. Some of the important skin care tips have been mentioned below:

  1. Lukewarm Water

Always use lukewarm water when washing the body and the skin of the face. Lukewarm water helps in opening the pores and gently cleanses the skin and by dissolving all the oil and dirt from the face and body. It also helps in washing away any germs from the body. Open pores help in easier penetration of the forthcoming skin care procedures and help in better penetration. 

  1. Natural Cleansers

Natural Skin cleansers include herbal soaps, herbal face wash gels, and other such products that help in cleansing the skin and maintaining the skin’s natural pH without stripping away any natural oils. It also makes sure that the skin is soft and smooth post-cleansing

  1. Face Packs

Face packs have a concentrated range of skincare properties from original herbal extracts that help in targeted issues such as acne treatment, brightening the skin, removal of skin infection, and calming the skin. It helps in bringing perfect skin that we always dream of

  1. Face Oils

Face oils such as kumkumadi oil and other essential oils help in brightening the skin by gently massaging it into the skin for excellent penetration. It helps in minimizing the signs of aging and keeps the skin young and beautiful. 

  1. Herbal Supplements

Herbal Supplements can be taken to help detoxify the body and purify the blood which ultimately helps in clearer skin and better appearance.