Awesome and genuine ways to care for your bags

Handbags are love, and you have worked hard and paid for them to get one that compliments your style. Thus, bags should be maintained with the same efforts to make them look gorgeous all the time. Usually, people think that bags and laptop bags are highly durable and thus do not require any sort of care, but this is a wrong perception in mind. Even the sturdiest bags need to be blessed with some care to keep them in tip-top condition. But how do you keep them looking the same for long? How do you care for your handbags? Here are a few things that you can follow to keep your bags in proper shape:

Have a separate pouch for liquids

Your bags are prone to have different sorts of liquids such as perfumes, nail paints, nail paint remover, foundation, etc. Instead of stashing them straightway in your bags, always use an exclusive pouch to store such liquid content items. This is advised because there are chances that liquid bottles may accidentally spill and can further make your whole bag messy. But when you have a separate pouch for such liquid items, you can save your bags from becoming messy all over. Also, a dedicated pouch for such items makes it easy for you to grab those items in one go rather than searching your whole world inside the bag and still being unable to find them.

Shelf it

In most of the bag care and wardrobe arrangement tips, you would have read to hang your bags inside your closet. But in reality, this is a wrong thing to do. Hanging your bags can cause wear and tear and may further deteriorate at an early stage. Especially if you have weight inside your bag and hang it with all the stuff inside, you will soon notice the straps and handles accruing scratches or breakage. Hence, experts won’t ever suggest hanging the bags but shelving them. If you have enough space in the closet, then you can keep the bags on shelves and safeguard your handles from accidental spills and wear and tear.

Use dust bags

Most designer purses, especially leather ones, come with dust bags. Consider using them to protect your leather and expensive handbags and clutch from dust. So when you are not using your purse, it should ideally rest in the dust bags to keep your bags maintain their shine and luster for long. And, even if you do not get dust bags with your leather purses, make sure you purchase dust bags to keep your bags safe. 

Stuffing unused bags

Women love to have a good collection of handbags and purses. But on a practical font, they can use only one at a time. Thus it is easy to predict that all the other handbags are surely kept to rest until and unless you share your collection with someone. In such a case, when your bags rest on shelves, consider stuffing them to maintain the shape of bags. You can either consider stuffing them with old newspapers, sweaters, tissue papers, bubble wraps, or any other thing so that your bags retain their shape and structure. Such an act also prevents your bags from unwanted creases.

Use dedicated products

Just like your clothes have specific detergents and soaps for washing purposes, there are dedicated products for cleaning bags. Yes, you have heard it right! There are various types of stain repellents and sprays available in the market that can be used for the cleaning and stain removal process. Buy such products and keep them handy so that you can get over the stains before the stains become permanent.


If you own a few leather handbags or clutch, keeping them moisturized is the key to their maintenance and long life. Use a leather conditioner for moisturizing purposes so that your leather bags stay supple. 

Baby wipes are a total no-no

When you accidentally cause spills on your bag and do not have a stain remover handy, the next thing to come out for cleaning is a baby wipe. If you have also been doing the same, then you need to know that you have been doing it wrong all these years. Baby wipes go good on the skin of babies but not your bags. These wipes can hamper the finishing of the bags and cause a build-up that cannot be removed easily. 

Keep them free of germs

Handbags are one of the favorite places for germs to the harbor. Your bags visit and settle down on different places such as kitchen counter, restaurant table, washroom hangers, bed, the list is simply endless. Hence, if there are germs present in such areas where your bag is put down to rest, you tend to bring those tiny demons stuck to your bag. So, while you step inside your home, make sure you cleanse the surface using an antibacterial wipe to kill germs.


These were a few tips that you can consider practicing to shower some intense care on your bags and laptop bags. So if you are someone who has a lot of bags in their closet but has never paid heed to their maintenance, start with it now. The sooner you start, the better and longer will be the life of your handbags.