Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar Biography

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After parting ways from the country’s politics, Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar chose to pursue his dream of becoming a scientist. Since he was always interested in science and technology, he never left it even when he was a part of Sukhdev Vihar’s politics. He remained in touch with the Science and Technology Society of Delhi, which was working to invent new machinery, instruments, and other technologies to benefit humanity. He also provided a significant amount from the budget for the development of the organization when he was working as an administrator. He wanted to produce high-quality products locally to support the country’s economy. Here you can read more biography

Therefore, he did whatever he could for the progress and development of his state. He knew that the world was moving at a fast pace, and new technologies were introducing every day. So, if they do not improve and advance in the technical field, they will lag behind. Therefore, he often emphasized investing in youth who have new ideas but can’t work on them due to a lack of experience and resources. He took this wise decision for the sake of his country because he knew that there were many young people with the potential to make the country progresses rapidly.

Afterward, when he officially became a part of that society, he took more initiative to excel in the field. He started many new projects under his supervision. He wanted to create new items so they could export them and bring more money into the country.

He also established a scientific laboratory for other scientists to work on their ideas. At that time, this laboratory was considered the country’s best research laboratory for young and emerging scientists. Youngsters and underprivileged scientists from every nook and corner of the country came there to learn and practice under the supervision of experienced ones. He also provided many equipment and apparatus required by the scientists during their research work. This way, he helped them a lot and provided ease in research that was not possible without the availability of that equipment. For all the above reasons, this laboratory is called a remarkable gift of Avinash, especially to the youth of Sukhdev Vihar. Because now, they don’t have to move to another city or state to learn skills and sell their ideas. They were able to work on them on their own.

The projects which Avinash Gupta started when he again joined the Science and Technology Society of Delhi are listed below:

Ø Solar Energy Consumption

Ø Cheap Energy Production

Ø Hydroelectricity

Ø Economical Radioactivity Treatment

Ø Recycling of waste

These are a few of those projects which Avinash started in his laboratory of Sukhdev Vihar. He worked on multiple techniques and ideas to make them achievable. In the beginning, he was doing it using his own limited resources. But slowly and gradually, when his projects and inventions got fame, he started getting funds from many renowned organizations. Also, the government provided him money to buy large, complex machines and equipment so the progress would be faster. Later, his successful projects made him a famous public figure not in India but in the whole world. He started getting offers from international societies of science and technology to come and join them. They wanted him to carry on his research work in their country and were giving an incredible offer.

However, Avinash had no intention to leave his country and go abroad to earn money for his skills. He always wanted to serve his country and fellow citizens. Therefore, he rejected those proposals and kept working for his country. He served his homeland in several ways. Because of him, India became an advanced country with many excellent inventions and development in science and technology.

Now, Avinash Gupta was not only known in Sukhdev Vihar. Instead, now he had become a popular figure and a great scientist all around the world. His new techniques and inventions were receiving praise and appreciation globally. Moreover, international scientists worked on his ideas to modify them and develop more advanced methods to yield greater output.


Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar was known as one of India’s best scientists and also a true patriotic man who started to serve his country at a very young age. He was always appreciated for his outstanding work and his contribution to the progress and development of the country. His amazing inventions and projects made Indians proud of him. He also won many civilian awards for his efforts and services to the country.

He was also recognized as a very genius and talented scientist around the world. He was invited to conduct seminars and deliver speeches to share the knowledge and experience he had with the youth. It was definitely an honor for his country also. Avinash always had a desire to do something great and make his country proud of him in the world. With all his efforts, dedication, and hard work, he finally had succeeded in accomplishing his goals.  

His research work and efforts were also recognized and appreciated on the international level. Due to his exceptional abilities, he was awarded the following international awards of science and technology:

Ø Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award

Ø Early Career Scientist Award

Ø Policy-for-Science Award.

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