Ava Lane Boutique Reviews {July} You Need To Know About This Boutique!

Welcome to Ava Lane Boutique!!! We are a little exclusive organization arranged in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Set up and innovatively organized by Laura DeGrendel, ALB presents to you an interminable variety of sensible clothing and additional items for women, taking everything into account, shapes, and sizes.

Each piece is carefully picked by Laura and is only open in a confined sum, and for a limited time frame outline, as we attempt to constantly add new things to our stock.


In 2016, following 13 years as a grade educator in Grand Blanc, Michigan, Laura expected to have a go at something new all through her pre-summer break to get extra money for her family. With a trademark eye for plan and style, she decided to agree to a first class course of action with a clothing distributer to purchase their picture of women’s clothing with the assumption to offer the clothing to her close by association of colleagues, family, and partners.

Articulation of Laura’s stylish clothing at staggering costs quickly spread. Inside the underlying very few extended lengths of beginning, she and her better half, Chuck, ended up selling their parlor region table on craigslist to represent more clothing.

Following three years of selling only one clothing brand, Laura finished up the opportunity had arrived to develop. She started flying the country over to amass relationship with other free clothing, pearls, and shoe creators all through the United States.

On April 10th, 2019, Ava Lane Boutique was definitively outlined. Laura picked this name since she needs the sum of her customers to feel like they are shopping with family.

ALB is by and by in their third appropriation community and has in excess of 25 specialists, the farthest larger piece of which are female. As a woman guaranteed business, Laura is happy to give as a trade off and connect with various women at each conceivable chance.


Our focal objective is to source whatever amount of our combination as could sensibly be anticipated from neighborhood craftsmans and support free endeavors all through the USA. We intend to outfit our customers with the best things and faultless customer care.