Australia’s Diligent Visa Consultation for Global Talent Visa

What is a Global Talent Visa in Australia?

The Global Talent Visa Australia offers a pathway to permanent residency in Australia for talented applicants. Through this special program, Australia is seeking up to 15,000 highly skilled and talented people from across the world in specific industries so that they may live and work in Australia. The Global Talent, Independent Visa program, aims to attract top talent. With this visa, Australia hopes to attract the world’s best and brightest. Some of the targeted sectors are:

  • Health industries
  • Education

The Global Talent Visa Australia is an attractive option for many potential candidates. However, is it a simple, fast-tracked process for Australian permanent residency? It certainly seems to involve a lot less stringent criteria than the other permanent residency options (e.g. subclass 189 or 190). Still, there are many misconceptions surrounding this visa option. It is also an area of constant change.

Eligibility for Global Talent Visa Australia

To be invited to apply for a Global Talent Visa Australia, a candidate will be highly skilled in one of the ten target sectors and able to attract a salary that meets the high-income threshold.

Candidates capable of generating economic growth in the region and creating local jobs will be considered for these awards. Highly trained experts, senior executives, and exceptional individuals at the forefront of innovation in targeted industries can help create opportunities for Australia by promoting innovation and developing employees. Target sectors for this particular visa are:

  1. Resources
  2. Agri-food and AgTech
  3. Energy
  4. Health Industries
  5. Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space
  6. Circular Economy
  7. DigiTech
  8. Infrastructure and Tourism
  9. Financial Services and FinTech
  10. Education

To be eligible for a Global Talent visa Australia, individuals must:

  • Prove they are internationally recognised with ‚Äč evidence of outstanding achievements.
  • Still, be prominent in their field of expertise.
  • Provide evidence that they would be an asset to Australia in their area of expertise.
  • Have no difficulty obtaining employment in Australia or becoming established in their field.
  • Have a recognised organisation or individual with a national reputation in the same field in Australia nominate them as global talent.

Candidates must meet a high standard and show an exceptional track record of professional achievement. This may include:

  • Senior roles
  • Patents
  • Professional awards
  • International publications
  • Memberships.

Recent PhD graduates who can demonstrate exceptional talent and international recognition in one of the ten target sectors may be eligible for invitation if:

  • They have recently completed all requirements for a PhD qualification related to a priority sector.
  • The qualification is the equivalent of a PhD obtained in Australia.
  • Their research is of international interest and significance.
  • Their research would be relevant to an international audience.
  • They have presented their research at international forums.
  • Their research could be used to inform academia, governments and industry abroad.
  • Their research is relevant to Australian academia, governments, and industries to advance Australia’s international competitiveness.
  • Their research highlights the potential for innovation and productivity increases for Australian organisations and industries operating in an international or globalised context.

You might be able to get your hands on one if you’re lucky. Consider yourself hooked for life in Australia if you do. Global Talent Visa Australia is offered permanently. While COVID-19 travel restrictions are in place, you may visit Australia as often as you like. Let’s not forget that obtaining permanent residency allows you to work full-time and enjoy such benefits as medical insurance.


The global talent visa Australia is a permanent residency visa that offers many benefits to those who are lucky enough to be awarded one. The visa is available in ten target sectors and requires evidence of international recognition and prominence in one of these sectors. To be eligible for the visa, candidates must also prove that they would be an asset to Australia. This might include patents, professional awards, or international publications. Finally, recent PhD graduates who have demonstrated exceptional talent and international recognition in one of the target sectors may also be eligible for invitation. Many reputable immigration agencies have highly skilled Visa Agents Australia who can help you get the best solutions for any talent visa query.