Attorneys Debunking the Common Adoption Myths

Today, around 60% of Americans are connected to adoption. So, there are a lot of misconceptions everyone hears about adoption, and believing each of them can ruin this beautiful experience for you. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned all the misconceptions busted by adoption attorneys.

#1: I Can’t Adopt Because I’m Not Married                                                   

Almost all adoption professionals deal with single prospective parents. There are very few agencies or professionals that are concerned with marital status. The only thing that matters for the adoption professionals is to ensure the child gets a committed parent who can provide a healthy and loving environment.

#2: Biological Parents Can Take the Kids Back

All the adoption lawyers can say for sure that it is just a misconception. Once the parent/s voluntarily gives up their kid, they don’t have any legal right towards the kid anymore.

Furthermore, during the adoption process, the court terminates the birth parent/s parental rights completely. So, don’t worry, once you adopt, the kid is safe with you.

#3: Foster Kids Are Dangerous

This is one of the saddest realities of adoption. The foster kids may have experienced some abuse or have behavioral issues. However, this doesn’t mean they are dangerous. By providing them a loving environment, they can grow up to be excellent individuals.

#4: Adoptive Children Won’t Fit In With the Family

Parenting has its various struggles and is hard even with biological children. So, blaming it on the adoptive kid isn’t fair. With proper support and a loving environment, they can easily fit in with the family. If you want to enjoy this experience, contact professionals like Tom Tebeau. They will help you to adopt the kids and start a new family.

 #5: It Takes Years to Adopt

This isn’t true. It can happen for some people but it is due to a lot of factors. Thankfully, around 60% of the people are able to adopt a kid within 1-12 months, once their profile has been active. Some of the stages may feel endless but do not lose hope. With the right adoption attorney, the process can be completed within a year.

#6: Majority Adoptions Are Closed

The adoptions are not anonymous anymore. Many birth mothers want to pursue open or semi-open adoption with potential parents. The semi-open adoption allows them to send cards or letters to the kids through the adoption professional. They can also arrange the visits, but it will not be co-parenting. They will just be allowed to have a connection with the kid.

#7: International Adoption is Easier

The international adoptions involve long traveling and also include checking the legitimacy of international adoption agencies you are dealing with in Georgia. In recent years, some overseas agencies have also closed down without notice.

While many organizations are fighting these risks, international adoption is not completely safe. Both domestic and international adoptions have risks involved in the process. Starting a family through adoption is an emotional and amazing experience. So start looking for adoption lawyers near me, and avoid believing every myth that you hear about