Ashley Reeves

In the United States, Ashley Reeves is a well-known individual who was a victim of crime. Sam Shelton, a teacher, attempted to kill Ashley Reeves on April 27, 2006. Shelton was later discovered dead in a Belleville park after having been strangled. Ashley Reeves managed to escape the onslaught without dying.

Ashley Reeves was born on January 1st, 1983, marking the beginning of the year. The American city of Belleville, Illinois, is where she was born. She is currently 33 years old and was born under the Capricorn horoscope. Her father is Tracy Green Koenig, and her mother is Michelle Reeves. When she was a baby, she was adopted.

Additionally, she has a brother named Daniel Koenig and a sister named Madison Koenig. She attended elementary school, high school, and then college in the United States of America, where she also acquired her complete education.

Story of Ashley Reeves’ Life

In the American state of Illinois, in the city of Belleville, Ashley Reeves was born in 1989. Her parents raised her since she was a little child.

Alyssa Reeves

Ashley Reeves will be 32 years old in the year 2021. Ashley Reeves, a young woman at the time, fell in love with Samson Shelton, her teacher. The students started fighting at the same time that the teacher’s relationship with them turned aggressive. Ashley Reeves was lucky to live despite Samson Shelton’s attempt to kill her.

Family of Ashley Reeves

Ashley Reeves has a mother named Michelle Reeves and a father named Tracy Green Koenig. Ashley was given dual parental names. Ashley Reeves was born in 1989 and raised by her parents in Belleville, Illinois, in the United States. Ashley Reeves has always resided in Belleville, Illinois, a city in the United States.

Ashley Reeves withheld all information from the interviewer regarding her siblings. She has two siblings: a sister named Madison Koenig and a brother named Daniel Koenig.

Career of Ashley Reeves

In the US, Ashley Reeves is a well-known victim of crime. After escaping an assault on her instructor Sam Shelton’s life in 2006, Reeves was strangled and her body was dumped in a Belleville park. Ashley Reeves was able to survive after a terrifying 30-hour battle for life or death.

Ashley Reeves was eventually dumped at Belleville Park. Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves both attended the same high school, and she made a friend in him who would eventually grow to love him.

Violence develops in the interactions between the pupils and the teachers. When the authorities found Ashley Reeves, she had a broken neck and a concussion; she was also unresponsive and not breathing as reported by TheAncestory.

26-year-old high school teacher Samson Shelton was detained, and the police’s investigation into the detention led to the filing of charges against Samson Shelton. In 2007, Samson Shelton pleaded guilty to the attempted murder charge and received a twenty-year prison term.


Ashley’s instructor, Samson Shelton, made a valiant attempt to kill him, but Ashley was able to escape. She began to have love feelings for Samson, her teacher, which seriously damaged the instructor’s rapport with his students. They began to struggle, and Samson tried to kill her but she was able to escape.

Reeves was the victim of a crime and escaped a murder attempt on her teacher. The intended victim of the assassination attempt was Sam Shelton. She thus died from asphyxia on April 27, 2006, and her body was later dumped in a park near Belleville. Ashley survives a frightening thirty-hour struggle for life and death.

Sam Shelton and Ashley met while they were both in high school, and they quickly began dating. Sam, the instructor, had experience coaching a gym and as a professional wrestler.

Only two months before she vanished, in February 2006, they reestablished touch. Reeves was unconscious and had fractured her neck when the police discovered her. She also had a concussion. On the other hand, the police launched a probe into Samson Shelton’s detention.

In 2007, Samson was found guilty of attempted murder and given a 20-year prison term as punishment. Ashley’s struggles in real life are also depicted in the film “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story,” which is based on the remarkable true story of an ordinary adolescent girl who came perilously close to death three times: first in the woods, then in the hospital, and finally in court. She rose to fame after publishing her autobiography, “Left for Dead.”

The Motive for the Attack: Ashley Reeves

Sam’s deceptive behavior, which he masked as an upset stomach to lure Reeves to his place, was the catalyst for the two of them developing an intimate relationship. As it becomes clear to Sam that she and Reeves have made a mistake by getting personal with one another, she attempts to throw her out of the moving vehicle, as depicted in the film “Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story.”

On the other side, Sam’s contacts with the law enforcement officers made it very clear that he needed to end the relationship. She denied it had happened while Reeves worked to get her out of the vehicle. In order to get Ashley out of the car, he did this by placing her in a chokehold.

And he realized he had her by the neck as she started to lose consciousness. He carried her into the woods as the disturbance started, strangled her with his hands, choked her with his belt, and eventually strangled her.

Sam then left her to die in the woods and buried her there, covering her body in trash and leaves. Sam, on the other hand, avoided the uproar following the crime and went dancing instead.

On the other hand, the mere mention of his grandma brought him to his knees and forced him to admit it after a twelve-hour investigation during which she repeatedly changed Sam’s account.

After that, he gave the investigators the location of Reeves’ body, which had been discovered at Citizens Park and was about 12 minutes away from Ashley’s home. In addition, Reeves was discovered unconscious, badly hurt, but still breathing, thirty hours after the assault. She was a victim of the assault.

What happened to Samson Shelton, the perpetrator of the crime?

Sam acknowledged to the crime but was immediately released on bond and put under home arrest. On the other hand, he called 911 just a short while before the start of his trial to report that he had attempted to kill himself at home.

Sam made the potentially fatal error of combining alcohol and prescription medications simultaneously.

On top of that, a note with the words “do not resuscitate” was scribbled by hand and placed on his chest. When the EMTs came to take Sam away, Sam allegedly lunged at them, spitting at them and hitting them.

He also made racial accusations, which caused a commotion within the hospital. Along with that, a district court judge expressed worry about his mental health.

He eventually caved and accepted the terms of a plea bargain in 2007, which had already been accepted by Ashley’s family and the district attorney’s office. As a result, the defendant was convicted responsible for attempted first-degree murder and given a 20-year prison term.

When given the option, he declined to address the court or even express regret to the person who had suffered because of his conduct. The Galesburg Hill Correctional Center, an institution with a medium level of security, is still housing this felon.

Ashley Reeves wed whom?

The couple got married in 2006. The couple is a joint parent to two kids. The general public is unaware of the identity of her children. This victim, however, has remained private about her personal affairs.

She was dating a man named Danny as well, in addition. At age 17, he presents her with a promise ring as a sign of his love.

We watch Sam attempting to drag Ashley out of the car in the documentary “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Documentary” when it becomes apparent that Ashley feels the two of them erred by becoming close.

Despite Ashley rejecting it when he tried to get her out of the car, Sam Shelton apparently told police that they had split up because of their relationship. He had conversations with Ashley and Sam Shelton, from which she learned this information. To free Ashley from the truck, Sam Shelton put her in a chokehold and squeezed her throat. He put his hands around her neck, and instantly realized he was suffocating her.

He choked Ashley with his belt in utter confusion, and then, after she had led him into the woods, he strangled her with his hands. Ashley was murdered by Shelton, who then buried her in the woods with debris and dead leaves. Shelton and his friends then went out to dance.

The authorities are now investigating into the possibility that Sam Shelton was behind Ashley’s kidnapping after initially accusing Ashley’s longtime partner. After a 12-hour questioning in which Shelton changed his tale numerous times, the topic of his grandma finally caused him to lose it and make the admission.

The corpse was found at Citizens Park, about 12 minutes from Ashley’s house, and the Ashley Reeves Documentary claims that Shelton was the one who sent detectives there. Ashley was still breathing when she was found, after having been dead for thirty hours.

Ashley continues questioning her mother about the incident as she begins to feel better in the movie, even though she initially doesn’t remember anything. When Michelle (Jennie Garth) informs Ashley that it was Sam Shelton, Ashley immediately disputes the claim. It’s because she’s friends with Sam.

Sam Shelton is nowhere to be found at this time

She suffered emotionally and physically as a result of a relationship with a teacher, which turned out to be one of the worst choices she had made. She had to completely rediscover how to speak, move, and eat as a result of this connection.

Just a few minutes before he was to appear in court, the police were sent to his home after getting a call stating that someone had attempted suicide. He had overdosed on booze and prescription drugs in an attempt to commit suicide.

He allegedly battled the EMTs trying to save him and spat in their faces despite having a sign that read “Do Not Resuscitate” scrawled on his breast. The medical personnel described him as disruptive and disorderly after that episode. Samson’s mental health was a source of some concern for a district court, which expressed such worries.

Samson was ultimately found to be mentally competent to stand trial, despite the prosecution’s claims that he spent the whole month-long process of his medical testing attempting to win over the public and potential jurors. Sam is now being held, according to the documentary by Ashley Reeves.

Ashley’s family and the district attorney’s office agreed on a plea deal for him the year he was eventually permitted to leave prison. He was consequently convicted responsible for attempting first-degree murder and given a 20-year prison term.