A garage can be a part of the house, but you can construct it as a separate structure. It is often used as a workshop or storage unit in addition to its primary function. Here we’ll discuss security and how garage doors can protect your home and the space where we keep your belongings. 

Garage security should be your priority, and you should pay close attention to it. For instance, when you think about rough weather, the first thing that comes to mind is how to protect yourself and your belongings. You can always take the necessary precautions to avoid any damage from occurring, but bad weather is still unpredictable. If you’re looking at industrial garage doors, it may be a smart choice to consider a Weathersolve structures wind fence or another wind fence solution.

Let’s look at how you can handle it and what wind-loaded garage doors are.

Safety comes first

When we talk about garage doors, we’re talking about the doors that protect your belongings in the garage. They guard against various break-ins and thefts, but not every model protects from strong winds and rain. Wind-loaded garage doors can.

What Is a Wind Loaded Garage Door & Do I Need One?” might be what you’re wondering now. Here’s the answer.

You can install these doors in windy places where hurricanes and tornadoes are common. They can help you minimize the damage and improve safety. 

Wind-loaded garage doors are essential in such scenarios to protect your house and family in many ways. Now, let’s see what they can prevent and why they are necessary for particular areas.

Protection from strong winds

Strong winds can cause street signs, shutters, trees, and other objects to move during a storm. What does that mean for the garage door? Well, they are not wind-resistant and can get damaged significantly.

Airflow can cause the garage door to move violently, thus causing considerable wear and tear over time. That can result in the door coming off the hinges and wind entering the garage.

That can cause significant damage to the items inside the garage and potentially spread to other rooms. The wind-loaded door is reinforced with steel, and it is resistant to dampness and strong winds. However, to properly secure your home, you must first understand its structure and how much wind speed and barometric pressure it can withstand. 

There is positive and negative wind pressure. The former draws the door inwards, while the latter pushes the door away from the house.

Noise reduction

When it comes to stormy weather and its consequences, powerful winds can be extremely noisy. But if you install a quality garage door, you can eliminate outside noises. Sound insulation, aluminum layers, and wood paneling are the essential features of some wind-loaded garage doors. They minimize every sound that comes from the outside.  

Wind-loaded garage doors have a unique locking system that secures the door in place and reduces noise. If you’re working in the garage during a storm or when there’s a lot of noise in the neighborhood, don’t worry – it won’t bother you because you won’t even hear it.

Keeping the house warm

People use various heaters or a fireplace to heat their homes during cold winter months, but no one considers a wind-loaded garage door. When it comes to saving electricity, this door is your ally.

Wind-loaded garage doors contain heavy, solid materials and have an excellent locking system. Those features allow your home to keep inside as much warm air as possible and keep the cold air outside where it belongs. Preventing cold air from entering your home saves energy and means you don’t have to heat twice as much, which is beneficial to your wallet.

Keeping potential burglars away

No one wants burglars anywhere near their home, but that is something we have no control over. Still, we can control whether or not they can break into our house.

As previously discussed, wind-loaded garage doors have a unique locking system, not to mention that their locks and locking mechanisms are made of steel. That makes it much more difficult for robbers to gain access to your home and endanger your safety.

If you want extra protection against burglary, you can always set an alarm that will go off if someone tries to open the door forcefully. Investing in your security is always a wise idea!

Keeping the home free of water damage

Now, since we’ve discussed additional external factors, let’s get back to the primary topic: storms.

As previously stated, a storm brings strong winds and heavy rain, which increases the water level in a specific area. Fortunately, if you install a wind-loaded door and close it firmly, water cannot enter your home. 

This dramatically contributes to the preservation of your property and the door itself. And as steel won’t rust, it will add to your home’s aesthetics.


As you now know, there are various advantages to using this type of garage door. Which one you will opt for depends on your region, the environment in which you live, and your needs. Consider your home’s structure and learn how powerful the winds are in your area to make the best choice and better defend your home against external influences.

We hope that we have helped you make a potentially life-saving decision with the information you now have.

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