Are there Pros to controlling a Girlfriend?

Having a partner is something many of us dream of. Even more fundamental is having a partner you trust and are compatible with. When there is harmony in a relationship you are the envy of everyone. Men seek women they can rely on as partners for life. Women seek the same. When trust is lost or stars are not matching, things can go haywire.

There is no advantage to controlling a boyfriend, or girlfriend in a relationship. Historically, women would bow down to men at their every beck and call. Women don’t always wear trousers in a relationship but they have more control nowadays than ever.

When a woman isn’t free enough to do what pleases her, the relationship will be less peaceful. In a few instances where a lady sticks around, even while being controlled, there is always another factor. It means controlling a girlfriend is bad and can lead to trouble. An example is meeting a South American lady on who would hate to be controlled.

As you consider whether controlling a girlfriend is good, ponder what her thoughts are like. Here are some pointers to why you should not control your babe.

1. Trust

Relationships are built on trust. If someone feels untrusted they become depressed. If your boyfriend doesn’t trust you around men, or girls, without him around, that is a red flag. As the boyfriend, you are setting yourself up for unnecessary squabbles. She will likely cheat out of spite. When she does, your lack of trust will be the reason she cheated. 

When someone is not trusted they will exceed in pleasing others. As the boyfriend, trust her with everything, including secrets. When you act like she is not trustworthy, she may reveal secrets to the world. Building trust is a fete, and if she feels she has not earned it, she might become depressed.

2. Depression

Controlling someone in a relationship may lead to depression. Your girlfriend will constantly hate you for weeks or months. If she still loves you she will stick around. After a while, weariness and depression might take over. This can ruin your relationship forever. Imagine causing a girl enough harm for her to relapse into drinking, drug use, or taking her own life.

Controlling her could lead her to mention your control issues to the family. This never ends well and could bring in cousins and other male relatives with little patience for bs. It takes a lot for a lady to complain to her family, especially if you are only dating. Ensure that you respect her privacy and right to be free of control or submission.

3. Anger

Controlling people leads to anger and some people eventually say enough is enough. There have been instances where someone controls their girlfriend’s family visits. When she has had enough, she might become violent. This can land someone in jail or worse yet, in hospital. Always share your views regarding what you feel is appropriate in your relationship and set boundaries too. If boundaries are not working, there are always other girls out there with your interests at heart.

Bottom Line

Having control over your girlfriend is never a positive thing. If the tables were turned, you would likely take too kindly to it. Therefore, consider how your actions may be making your partner feel if you were in their shoes.