Are roller shutters secure?

The main reason why people are drawn to roller shutters in Manchester is, of course, their security. They can help to protect a building when it is not in use, and vandals and burglars are at their most prominent. Well made, secure roller shutters in Bolton will provide an effective barrier against entry, ensuring that your property isn’t damaged during closed hours and preventing unauthorised access.

So when buying roller shutters for yourself, you’re going to want to make sure they’re secure at all times, right? The security of your roller shutters could depend on a variety of factors, some of the most important of which are listed below.

How are the roller shutters designed?

When deciding on the best roller shutters for your needs, it’s valuable to do your research. There are many different variations of roller shutter out there, with many perhaps not fitting your requirements exactly. Any oversight can lead to an immediate reduction in security, as ill-fitting roller shutters in Lancashire or elsewhere could expose entrance points, perfect for those trying to break in.

For example, some shutters are specifically for windows and have different features to those designed for larger doors. This is why it’s recommended that you consult with your chosen company first to make sure you have purchased the correct type.

You should always choose roller shutters that are the perfect size for your door. And it’s usually worth working with a company that manufacturers shutters bespoke to order.

Are they made from the correct material?

Roller shutters are usually made from steel or aluminium. Both materials have their pros and cons and are viable options when it comes to effective usage.

Aluminium is a lighter material, which means it is usually used as a visual preventative measure. With this in mind, it is typically found in areas that don’t experience many visitors after hours – such as shopping centres – or windows on the first or second floor of a building that are hard to reach.

Steel is the tougher of the two materials and a more reliable option should it encounter damage. This material is usually found on roller shutters in areas which are regularly busy or experience high crime rates.

That’s why, it’s important to evaluate where they are going to be placed. Selecting the best material for your requirements will improve security, prevent unnecessary damage and help to avoid roller shutter repairs in Manchester – or wherever your shutters are located.

Are they well maintained?

Roller shutters that don’t receive adequate levels of maintenance will be less secure. Although they may look the part (just about), they might have serious underlying issues that are making them prone to break in. You should immediately look for roller shutter repairs in Bolton or elsewhere if you spot any issues.

Having a reliable maintenance plan in place gives you the peace of mind that your roller shutters in Liverpool are fully secure, offering the maximum levels of protection from damage or break in. And who wouldn’t want that?

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