Are Computer Glasses Worth It? Everything You Need to Know

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Between work, television, and social media scrolling, the average American spends just over 17 hours per day on a screen.

Of course, many of these hours are unavoidable due to that little inconvenience called ‘making a living’. Unfortunately, digital eye strain doesn’t pay any preference to those who need to be on a computer all day.

With issues like blurry vision, constant headaches, and poor sleep patterns becoming more and more prominent, it’s time for a little help. But are computer glasses worth it?

Follow along to discover the benefits of investing in a pair of computer glasses and if the reward is worth the cost.

What are Computer Glasses

Computer glasses, better known as blue light glasses use a specific lens to provide eye protection from digital screens.

These blue light blocking glasses filter out the harmful light rays that are so concentrated in screens such as your computer, tablet, television, or mobile phone. In fact, you’ll often notice an instant change in the white balance of your screen when you pop them on. 

Although blue light is all around us, the high concentration of blue light on our screens is actually contributing to health concerns, especially for those who work for long hours on a digital device. 

Are Computer Glasses Worth It?

It likely comes as no surprise to hear that blue light blocking glasses tend to come with a lofty price tag. So are these glasses really making enough difference to justify the cost?

Let’s take a look at the benefits you can see from wearing these nifty specs. 

Improved Sleep Patterns

The most noticeable change wearers noticed when using blue light blocking glasses was the correction of their sleep patterns. 

Blue light can actually fool the mind into inhibiting the release of serotonin, the sleep hormone. This is why so many sleep experts recommend ditching the screens an hour or two before bedtime. 

Unfortunately, long-term exposure to the high concentration of blue light can make it more and more difficult to rest. Blue light blocking glasses have been proven to aid the body in combatting this effect and allows the users to get a more peaceful sleep. 

Lowered Eye Strain

Eye strain caused by digital devices can result in a number of symptoms such as blurred vision, sore eyes, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and even dry-feeling eyes. 

All of these symptoms were greatly reduced when sufferers adopted blue light blocking glasses for their computer sessions. 

Not only will you sleep better, but you’ll feel better too!

Affordable Blue Light Glasses

Think blue light glasses will help but just can’t afford the bill? Because blue light lenses can be made for your existing prescription, getting the best blue light blocking glasses may be more affordable than you thought!

With eye glasses discounts on high-quality lenses and frames, you can reap the benefits of these helpful specs without breaking the budget.

Protect Your Eyes

If you’re still asking yourself ‘are computer glasses worth it?’ we’re here to tell you – they are! From better sleep to decreased headaches, neck pain, and vision problems, blue light blocking glasses are the best choice for computer workers. 

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