Apt App Development for Foldable Smartphones

Foldable smartphones were introduced some time ago, but Samsung captured the market during the last couple of years with its Galaxy fold series. The latest is the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which is looking like the only one in the market in its category. That’s the reason other companies need to act fast so that they can catch up with the big gap between them and the Samsung Galaxy fold series.

Oppo is looking to break free and challenge Samsung foldable phones, but It has a long way to go. So, why exactly are foldable phones getting much attention? And what its target audience needs in such a phone? These are the two most important questions that must be answered by smartphone manufacturers if they want to tap into the market. 

Just like anywhere else, Canada, and especially Toronto, is also seeing enhanced interest in such devices. But using such a device must be related to a mobile app that can complement the device well. For companies looking to make their product profitable will only be possible if they know what foldable phones are all about. 

Please go through this blog as I discuss the basics of foldable phones first and then the questions mentioned above.

Foldable Phones

Foldable smartphones come in many variants, but especially in the folding form factor. The concept of multiple touch screens and flexible display makes a folding phone with the hype but there are still some issues with it that can limit its working. The biggest disadvantage with it is that its durability and how many times you can fold it depends upon its usage. 

Foldable phones need to be taken care of and unlike other phones protecting them from scratches is a big issue. As normal Gorilla Glass which couldn’t be applied on it, special glass has been made for it. One factor is that they are insanely expensive. But the aura and charm of using a foldable phone have not died and there are still many takers for it in the market. That is why there is still much interest amongst the buyers for the upcoming models.

So, for what purposes can it be used, and can it replace the tabs which are very popular and widely available in the market? This is too early to say as the foldable phones market is still in its infancy. And its high price is a big deterrent in its widespread use.

Now, let me focus on how the use of apps will define it. And can some apps make it worth the exorbitant price? Read on for all this and more. 

Mobile Apps for Foldable Phones 

To start with, every mobile app that is currently being used can be easily installed and used on foldable phones. But what about the experience on the big screen and can every app be customized so that it can be used easily on those phones? This is the big question as some of the apps haven’t performed to the optimum and leave a lot to be desired. That is why customized app development for foldable phones will be big in the future.

Customized apps according to the foldable phones that look perfect on the big screens especially look good for messaging and entertainment apps. There is a long list of contacts for everyone and going through them on a small screen is not the best option. Now imagine a wide screen in which you can see most contacts at a glance. And when it comes to entertainment and gaming, it can surely give good competition to tabs that are still not extensively used.

The Future 

Whether the foldable phones will give tough competition to the gaming smartphones is still to be seen. But because of the lack of support in terms of hardware, this may not become a reality in the coming few months. Gaming smartphones are laced with top-of-the-line features and specifications, and currently, no foldable phone comes near to them. This is why it may take some time so that it can catch up with this feature. But as far as book reading and watching movies are concerned, it can certainly fit the bill

Apple and all the major smartphone manufacturers are looking to launch their foldable phones in the future. But it seems like the manufacturers are still skeptical about its future, even though the users have accepted the device wholeheartedly. It all comes down to the price and if that can be considered, then the picture becomes much rosier. 

Specialized Apps

When it comes to developing specialized apps for foldable smartphones, it is not just Fortune 500 companies that will be interested in it. Even small businesses and startups will look to cash in on this trend so that they can attract their target audience. But it will only be feasible once the price of the foldable phones goes down. And the technology is on par with most of the gaming phones and other high-end flagship devices currently available. 

Building apps for foldable and multi-display large screen mobiles will be the norm in the not-so-distant future. But as I have discussed above, there are still some apprehensions amongst the companies as to how to go about it. And when it comes to the role of a mobile app development company in Toronto, for example, they are also not sure. But one thing is for certain, foldable phones are not going anywhere. And in the future, you will see more of them, and with prices within the reach of an average consumer, its market will grow by leaps and bounds and also include CocoSign.

Final Word 

What do you think about foldable phones and whether you have used them by now? Its market is still in its infancy, but it has a lot of potential. And if anyone thinks that just because of the price it will not be lapped up by the consumers, they are at fault.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog that will be helpful for other readers too, you are more than welcome to speak up. And for any query you have in mind, please ask a question and I will get back to you at my earliest. 

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