Application process for studying in Australia

Before studying in Australia, all the students need to complete one thing successfully – applying for a course in Australia. Then, what is the application process for studying in Australia? This article will tell you in details, let’s keep on.

  1. Fill in the application form

Applicants should fill in the application form of the selected school and major, including professional curriculum setting, school introduction, admission qualification requirements, etc. After completing the application form, students should also provide relevant materials and certifications required by the selected school: certification of the highest degree they have completed, certification of English proficiency, such as TOEFL, or IELTS score. English language requirements are not applicable to students applying for high school except for applying for grade 12 and students applying for master’s degree. All certificates and materials should have English copies.

  1. Send the application form to the applying school

After completing the application form and prepare all the application materials, you need to send the completed application form and all required files to the school you applied for. To accomplish that, you can choose to send via professional agent or course application platform, such as CatEight.

  1. Waiting for admission notice

After receiving the application form, the school will review the application materials and the qualifications of the applicant. After that, they will issue admission notices to qualified students. The notice will indicate the selected major, class hours, start date, tuition fees that should be paid, medical insurance fees and other application fees.

  1. Receive the notice to start the visa

After receiving the admission notice, the student or his/her agent can start the visa pre-assessment, including establishing the student’s sincerity in studying abroad, and issuing a financial guarantee certificate that the student can afford overseas study and living expenses, a certificate of health status, and a certificate of no criminal record. The most important thing is that the visa pre-assessment process should start as soon as possible because of the long time it takes for the process. The accepted students have true academic intentions, and the materials and certifications provided by the students are reliable, and it is guaranteed that there will be no fraud. This is the most critical step in the whole process. Applicants may have to attend a visa interview to show the authenticity of their intention to study abroad to Australian visa officials, which is also a very critical step.

  1. Pay tuition

The Australian Visa Office will notify the result of the visa pre-assessment. Students who have passed the visa pre-assessment should pay the tuition fee to the school they applied for immediately.

  1. Receive the confirmation of admission and prepare for admission

Australian school will issue a confirmation letter after receiving the tuition fee. Students holding a confirmation of admission can formally apply for a student visa. The validity period of a student visa usually includes the time required to complete the selected major, and can be extended for another three months. Students with the Australian student visas can arrive in Australia two to three weeks before the start of professional courses.

Australia is a beautiful country with a profound cultural heritage. I hope that the students who travel across the oceans can overcome all kinds of difficulties and return with a rewarding experience.